AirBridgeCargo gets Formula 1 to the starting line in Sochi

The fast-moving world of Formula 1 motor racing found the perfect cargo airline in AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) to ensure every competitor was on the starting line of the 2016 Russian Grand Prix in Sochi from 29 April to 1 May.

ABC has successfully prepared and operated a series of six Boeing 747 charter flights from Shanghai to Sochi following the Chinese Grand Prix on 17 April. The racing cars, car frames and other vehicle parts, as well as special equipment, were safely transported in special containers with the total weight of more than 100 tons per flight.

2016 is the third year of the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi and is part of a seven-year programme of Formula 1 races in the city to 2020.

Robert van de Weg, ABC Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Sales, said: “The first word that comes to your mind when we hear Formula 1 is speed. Speed in everything – the race itself and of course the “pit stops”. Similarly, due to the tight schedule of the races, the requirement of ‘speed and control’ of the delivery of the racing cars and related equipment to the next racing venue is a hard requirement. We are therefore proud to be part of this event which implies an absolute commitment from AirBridgeCargo Airlines. Since 2012 AirBridgeCargo has enjoyed the privilege of moving cars for Formula One Management and we are delighted to see that the total number of flights carrying cars and equipment around the world has reached 20 by this year. To be one of the airlines chosen by Formula One Management means that ABC stands out for its high level of service quality, customized delivery solutions and experience. We are honoured to work with Formula One Management and look forward to our future cooperation.”

Mr. Alan Woollard, Logistics Manager at Formula One Management Limited, added: “Over the last decade the geography of Formula 1 races has expanded significantly with the Asian region coming on the arena. This is the reason we need a large-scale and complex logistics programme to support Formula 1 races all over the world as it represents a real challenge. That’s why we choose to work with reliable and proven cargo airlines like AirBridgeCargo Airlines because we have confidence in their ability to delivery the service and support we need.”

Over the last 12 years AirBridgeCargo Airlines has been mastering its expertise in moving cars by air and helping customers to transport high speed, rally, classic and even solar-powered cars to destinations around the world, including last-minute deliveries for famous races. The airline’s proven portfolio and its ability to meet logistics deadlines for customers makes it the number one choice among its clients.