AirBridgeCargo Airlines and CargoHub cooperate to bolster introduction of CargoClaims platform

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC), one of the major players in the air cargo market, and CargoHub, the cargo logistics quality and compliance platform, have solidified their collaboration for the implementation of the CargoClaims platform. The online tool, which received the IATA cargo innovation award in 2015, will allow ABC’s customers to manage their claims and pre-claims requests through a user-friendly online tool available at or

The implementation process included several training sessions and meetings with ABC’s Customer Service team and IT specialists to guarantee the platform complies with the specific needs of AirBridgeCargo’s organizational structure and is in line with its customers’ expectations. Customers are now able to submit, update and track the status of their claim in real-time.

Raoul Paul, Founder of CargoClaims, said: “I am extremely happy to welcome AirBridgeCargo Airlines to our platform after a long evaluation period and pre-boarding discussions. The functional requirements received from their professional IT and claims handling teams helped us to prioritize our roadmap development plan and to add new value to our platform for our customers. We look forward to working with the professional team of AirBridgeCargo and to continue to support their business excellence program.

Natalia Bogomolova, Global Customer Service Director at AirBridgeCargo Airlines, said: “Being determined to enhance customer experience, we feel that CargoClaims is the right solution which meets our customers’ needs and facilitates ABC’s digital front-end. Customers can go online and manage their claims requests easily without additional hurdles. From our side, we will guarantee timely claims handling with all information being available online.

AirBridgeCargo is creating a friendlier digital environment for its customers worldwide, starting from the implementation of equipment to improve monitoring of cargo condition (temperature logger, shocking sensors, Bluetooth transmitting devices), up to partnering with the world’s leading companies, such as Unilode and SITAONAIR, to guarantee 100% traceability of shipments and move in the direction of IoT.