AirAsia Academy offers affordable online learning for school children in Covid catch-up plan

In response to months of unprecedented nationwide school closures due to Covid-19, AirAsia Academy (formally known as Redbeat Academy) is offering affordable online tutoring courses to support children who have fallen behind and help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential.

AirAsia Academy, the edutech arm of airasia Digital, today announced a collaboration with Jom Tuisyen to provide online tuition for school children in Malaysia, with the aim of motivating and empowering students to excel in their studies,  prepare for their exams and equipping them with modern tech skill sets.

AirAsia Academy’s newly launched On-Demand Learning (ODL) platform allows individuals to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, with a multitude of content and learning options provided to them. With topics ranging from digital and tech development, leadership and management as well as lifestyle, the ODL platform now houses over 10,000 online on-demand courses covering a multitude of primary (for SK, SJKC & SJKT)  and secondary school subjects including Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Classes are available in English, Malay and Mandarin to cater to the wider Malaysian audience.

Enrolment is easy and readily available at, where users can click on the On-Demand Learning banner for the RM69/month subscription encompassing thousands of courses, an affordable alternative to traditional tuition classes. For a limited time, those interested can subscribe at only RM10/month by using voucher code TUISYEN10 (normal price rm69/month subscription) in the discount section at checkout. Offer ends 31 Dec 2021.

President (AirAsia Digital), AirAsia Group, Aireen Omar said, “We are delighted to embark on this education journey together with Jom Tuisyen. The younger generation are a key pillar of our nation’s future. In these tough times, we’ve seen many struggling to keep up with their studies, so we want to continue playing our part by providing affordable access to education for those in need. With this great opportunity, we hope to give parents confidence, and students a chance to get back on track and earn skills to gain a competitive edge in this Industrial Revolution 4.0 era.”

Dr. Ram Gopal, Director Strategy & Innovation of AirAsia Academy said, “This highly affordable subscription consist of several self-paced learning modules that will allow students to prepare themselves for the national exams and to also develop, learn new digital skill sets and provide a starting point into some of our more detailed and advanced courses. It’s all available under AirAsia Academy On-Demand-learning (ODL), for just RM69 a month, parents can now save on face to face tuition classes which can cost up to RM200 per month for one subject and get all the help they need for their children. We hope many will take this opportunity to sign up and learn how to keep up in the digital world, and prepare themselves for better job opportunities in the future.”

Sunny Yee, Founder of Jom Tuisyen, who has 39 years of experience in Additional Maths & Physics said, “We are delighted to partner with AirAsia Academy to be able to reach out to more students in Malaysia especially those who need the extra help catching up with their studies from all income groups in the country. All our learning content and videos are prepared and created by very experienced teachers, as depicted by the syllabus laid out by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Students can select any difficult subjects or topics or even subtopics and listen to the videos as many times as they wish, anytime, anywhere. I strongly believe that to excel in any subject, students must build up the fundamental foundation (which is known as INPUT LEARNING). Once this is grasped, then students may attempt any workbook or notes from any reference books or textbooks. This will be a great chance for all students in Malaysia to catch up in their learning they may have lost during Covid-19 and become more knowledgeable and more competent as they get ready to head out into the ever more competitive world.”

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