Air France inaugurates its new lounge at Paris-Orly 3

As from 16 January 2020, Air France is inviting its Business customers and Flying Blue Elite Plus members to discover its new lounge dedicated to long-haul flights departing from terminal 3 at Paris-Orly airport.

An area spanning 720 sq. m synonymous with elegance, refinement and tranquillity has been exclusively designed for customers travelling to Cayenne (Guiana), Fort-de-France (Martinique), Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), St. Denis de la Réunion (Reunion) and New York (USA) in addition to our medium-haul destination, Algiers (Algeria).  Open daily from 7am to 9pm*, this new Air France lounge has a capacity of 120 seats.

A main lounge designed to meet everyone’s expectations
Air France customers simply decide how they want to spend their time – relaxing, working or enjoying some fine food – pending their flight’s departure. This lounge has a relaxed, contemporary feel, with its elegant colour scheme and screen wall paneling featuring the company’s symbolic accent. Air France has notably given pride of precedence to noble materials – walnut, ash and solid oak.

This vast lounge features a welcoming relaxation area with spacious seats. With numerous alcoves, customers can choose to spend time alone or meet others in a convivial setting. A more subdued, private area is also reserved for Ultimate customers.

A comprehensive gourmet offer
This new lounge’s iconic element is a champagne bar offering a variety of renowned French signature brands all year round. This bar of sleek design adopts a champagne-themed colour scheme. Customers can also take their pick from a sweet selection comprising pastries and fresh fruit.

A wine bar, designed like a wine cellar, is also open to customers during their stay in this exclusive space.

All the wines and Champagne are, as on board Air France flights, carefully selected by Paolo Basso, world’s best sommelier in 2013. They are also available at

A rum bar trolley is also available, offering a foretaste of the destinations served on departure from Paris-Orly – Martinique, Guadeloupe, Cayenne and Reunion.

With a selection of cold meats, cheese and hot dishes, a bistronomy-style offer celebrates French cuisine with seasonal produce. Specialities typical of the long-haul destinations operated out of Paris-Orly can also be enjoyed.

And last but not least, a cold snacks kiosk offers a range of delectable, gourmet salads. Customers looking for a light, tasty and healthy snack can choose from a range of soups in a selection of flavours. The offer changes with the season to ensure a vast choice of flavours.

Excessive alcohol consumption can seriously damage your health. Consume with moderation.

A small lounge providing more privacy
The small lounge with a more private and confidential feel is a haven for customers wishing to enjoy a genuine moment of relaxation in tranquil surroundings. A space equipped with loungers guarantees customers optimum rest in a private setting.

This Air France lounge also features shower cubicles to freshen up before or after a flight.

Customers can also work in a co-working space. This space, ideal for working alone or with others, is notably equipped with smartphone-compatible wireless charging systems.


A Tailor-made experience
On arrival in the lounge, customers are welcomed by Air France staff. An eligibility kiosk ensures a fluid and efficient welcome process.

Customers have access to a press kiosk offering a wide selection of French and international newspapers and magazines, in addition to the digital offer available on the Air France Play app.

Art and design are also in the spotlight on entering the lounge. Air France Shopping travel items are on show in a unique display cabinet, the “Air France Shopping Boudoir”, created by talented young designers from the renowned Boulle graduate school of applied arts. With its aerodynamic forms and dynamic graphic composition, this creation subtly combines elegance with a modern touch.  A symbol of French art de vivre and Parisian femininity, the showcase adopts the codes of classic furniture drawn from the world of aviation.

And last but not least, to inspire a desire to travel, Air France Travel Guide screens located throughout the two sections of the lounge, offer customers a wealth of information on their choice of future destination or activities to discover during their stay.

*Open from 7am to 5.30pm on Tuesday. Opening times adapted to the long-haul flight schedule on departure from Paris-Orly.