AEGEAN celebrates 15 years in France

A decade and a half of investments, new routes and commitment to French passengers

AEGEAN, the airline that knows Greece best, celebrates 15 years of operations in French market and remains committed to facilitate traveling between France and Greece by expanding its presence in France airports and enriching its network with new connections.

Since the first flight from Athens to Paris, in 2008, AEGEAN carried more than 10,5 million passengers providing the opportunity to the French audience to experience the Greek hospitality from the moment they are on board. The company’s extended network connects multiple airports such as Paris, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes and Toulouse with Athens and Heraklion, while Brest and Deauville are connected to Heraklion, and Paris to Thessaloniki. In 2023, more than 750,000 passengers selected AEGEAN for their trips in Greece and France.

Passengers from Paris travel to iconic destinations such as Athens, Heraklion, and Thessaloniki, whereas their five most favorite destinations are Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Kos. The islands of Santorini, Paros, Mykonos or Corfu are also among the top traveler’s choice. On the other hand, Greek passengers prefer Paris, Nice, Lyon and Marseille. May and August are the preferable months to visit Greece, whether traveling alone or with family, and although most of French passengers are booking their trips online, a significant number of passengers prefer to enjoy the services of travel agencies and tour operators.

AEGEAN is well known for its unique travel experience through numerous services such as free Wi-Fi that is provided to all passengers, the great on-board gastronomic experience, prepared by the most distinguished chefs in Greece for passengers to enjoy a wide selection of hot and tasty meals that suit all tastes and food preferences and a number of on-line services throughout all passenger service.

The passenger traffic between the two counties has been steadily growing throughout the years and AEGEAN, the Greek flag carrier, constantly invests successfully in the French market.