White Towel Services, Inc.

Luxurious First Class, 100% Terry Cotton, Pre- Moistened, Passenger Amenity Towels

White Towel Services, Inc. manufactures luxurious first class passenger amenity towels.

Each towel is a soft 100% terry cotton woven wash cloth, pre-moistened with a proprietary solution that is naturally anti-microbial, & individually packaged to stay fresh. Towels are available in lemon, lavender, peach-mango, and unscented. The lemon and lavender towels include essential oils that are cosmetic grade, and all natural. Every towel is environmental friendly and 100% bio-degradable.

Presenting your guests with a luxurious first class amenity towel will give them an experience they will not forget!

For more information visit White Towel Services, Inc. at www.wtowel.com or give us a call at (817) 868-7900.

Company Profile

  • Luxurious Towels for a Memorable Customer Experience

    Luxurious 100% terry cotton, pre-moistened, refreshment towels, from White Towel Services, Inc., are the perfect addition to any flight!

    • A true First Class Experience for every guest. Present your guest with a pre-moistened, lightly scented, towel and watch their eyes light up.
    • Simple and convenient, each luxury refreshment towel is single use and 100% biodegradable.
    • Towels do not contain any alcohol – which prevents the feeling of dry hands after use, for happy hands and a happy guest.
  • Ready to Use Options Depending on your Needs

    Luxurious Pre-Moistened Refreshment Towels are:

    • Individually Packaged for ease of use.
    • Cotton towels are available in 4 refreshing scents – lemon, lavender, peach-mango, unscented.
    • Cotton Lemon and lavender cotton scented towels are infused with all natural essential oils.
    • Four cotton towel sizes – 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”.
    • An 8”x10” lemon scented synthetic towel is also available.

    Private logo your towels packaging to show off your companies’ brand.

  • Refreshment Towels Served Hot or Cold

    Present a towel to your customers either hot or cold.

    Serve Hot:

    • Present a luxurious heated amenity towel to your guest with a one-of-a-kind deluxe towel warmer for that “WOW” experience they will not forget.

    Serve Cold:

    • Serve a fresh cool luxury towel cold from a refrigerator, or ice bucket. Each towel will bring a refreshing smile to your customers face.

    White Towel Services also has available tray & tong sets for serving ease.

  • White Towel Services, Inc. - The Right Choice

    White Towel Services, Inc. started business in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. During 2009, to expand and meet customer demand, they relocated to their current facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Having experienced solid growth every year since, White Towel Services is dedicated to continual improvement of their processes, systems, and products to better serve you and your guests.

    An Inside Job Guarantees Quality:

    White Towel Services prepares your luxury towels using proprietary machinery and processes to moisten, scent, roll, and individually package the towels – all under one roof. This way they can guarantee the quality of their packaged towels.

    Private Label Options:

    Whether you want to customize your luxury towels with your company logo, or use our beautifully designed brand, each guest will remember their first-class experience with a luxurious towel from White Towel Services!

    White Towel Services, Inc. looks forward to receiving your inquiries and being a part of your team.


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