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In-Flight Internet & Entertainment for Commercial Airlines

ViaSat is in the business to connect the world. As a global broadband services and technology company, we are connecting international communities to the internet by offering residential internet service; enabling passengers and operations crews to stream high-bandwidth media, applications, and content when traveling globally on commercial, business or government aircraft and maritime vessels; and empowering international warfighters on the front lines of battle with real-time, secure internet-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for high-requirement missions. We deliver and protect information – when and where it is needed most – with our trusted communications ground systems, infrastructure, and services.

Our more than 3,700 global team members are dedicated to do what others in the industry view as impossible. We imagined and launched the world’s highest-capacity communications satellite and continue to set the standard in developing technologies that address global broadband challenges and ensure a better way for consumers, businesses, governments, and military personnel to stay connected.

Being connected no matter where you are has become expected and in-flight is no exception. As technology has improved, the number of uses for in-flight connectivity has evolved for both critical and non-critical communications. The appetite for more bandwidth is increasing at an exponential rate to support internet access and applications like streaming video, web browsing, aircraft safety, video conferencing, and more. Only ViaSat, through our innovative technology, has been able to redefine in-flight connectivity by delivering unprecedented amounts of bandwidth that let everyone use the internet to stay productive, safe, and entertained in the air.

  • Commercial Aviation – Passengers want the same kind of connectivity in the air as they have on the ground. ViaSat has the only in-flight Wi-Fi service providing every passenger on the plane with the fastest in-flight web browsing and a rich online media streaming experience, all at low or no cost to the passenger.
  • Business Aviation – Connectivity on business and VIP aircraft means staying more productive with not only email and VPN, but with large file attachment, videoconferencing, and more. ViaSat has the fastest in-flight internet service for large cabin business and VIP aircraft with availability over the world’s most heavily traveled routes to meet the growing demand for bandwidth.
  • Helicopters and Light Aircraft – Flight safety, weather, and communications are critical for small aircraft to keep them safe and operational. ViaSat L-band service meets the need for secure, reliable, and affordable data and voice connectivity during all phases of flight.

Company Profile

  • In-Flight Internet & Entertainment for Commercial Airlines

    The award-winning ViaSat in-flight internet & entertainment services have shattered the standard for in-flight Wi-Fi with unmatched speed, quality, and affordability.

    Airlines can now provide passengers a best-in-class connectivity and entertainment experience by enabling access to internet streaming media, high-speed web browsing, and productivity applications they have at home, all at a competitively low price or free to the passenger. At the same time, flight crews can access aircraft data to improve operations and maximize efficiency while in flight.

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  • Passengers Get The Best Experience

    High-speed for every passenger. The big difference is a network that allocates a high-speed connection to each passenger, rather than an aggregate “bucket” of data to the plane that leaves passengers contending for low-speed, dial-up like service. With speeds eight to ten times faster than alternate services, passengers can work, shop and stream like they never left the ground.

    Online streaming media. Only ViaSat in-flight internet service enables passengers to stream content online – from any streaming service – to any device.  Bandwidth-constrained in-flight services block or limit online video streaming because they lack the capacity to support a rich in-flight media experience.

  • Airlines Gain New Opportunities

    High passenger engagement. Quality and affordability of the ViaSat service drives the highest passenger take rates in the industry – four times the historical rate.

    Increased revenue opportunities. High take rates generate interest from sponsors and advertisers allowing airlines to create new flexible and sustainable business models that increase revenue opportunities per available seat mile.

  • Highest Capacity Ka-Band Network Makes It All Possible

    Unmatched capacity and bandwidth. The ViaSat Ka-band satellite network delivers unmatched capacity and more favorable bandwidth economics that allow airlines to offer a high-speed internet and rich online streaming media experience at a competitively lower price or free to the passenger.

    Scalability to meet demand. Scalability enables airlines to keep pace with traveler demands for data-intensive websites, applications, and streaming media, while enabling flight crew access to aircraft operational data.

    Best Wi-Fi In The Sky
    Now well established in the U.S. on JetBlue, Virgin America and United Airlines, ViaSat in-flight internet service is coming soon to EL AL Airlines and Qantas Airways. Industry experts and passengers agree, it’s the Best Wi-Fi In The Sky.

    Global Aero Terminal 5320 Datasheet

    Aero Mobile Terminal 2540/2532 Datasheet


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