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Jet Lag Recovery and Rehydration Solutions

Fight Jet lag and recover faster! Uppy! oral rehydration solution with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and ginger will help the body to cope with the dry cabin air, meaning you will arrive rehydrated, replenished and more refreshed after a long flight.

Manage jet lag much better and recover quicker! Uppy is delivered in an effervescent tablet that taste great! One tablet dissolves in 15 cl water, and is good for approx 3 hours flying.

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When flying, your body dehydrates much quicker than what is normally the case. The airplane environment is very dry. You can note this by experiencing increased thirstdrowsinessheadachedizziness or feeling jet lagged.

If you are a hard working person with long flights on your schedule, this will affect your ability to perform at business meetings or conference presentation scheduled soon after touchdown.

Or if you are on your way for vacation, or coming home, don’t ruin the first days.

Take care of yourself, your passengers, your cabin crew when flying. Get some extra support with Uppy!- The genius flyer.

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  • Fight Jet lag and recover faster

    Uppy! – The genius flyer – rehydration and replenishment during long flights will make you arrive in better shape and recover faster from a long flight. It is developed aiming to make flying easier by arriving in better shape.

    What is it then?

    One part is a really good rehydration formulation based on the WHO’s guidelines. Then there is a mix of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, they contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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