Sweat Guard

Airline Anti-Sweat Amenities

Sweat Guard is a family-run cosmetic business that is supplying anti-sweat products directly to consumers, stores and businesses.

The idea behind Sweat Guard started from having to deal with these personal excessive sweating issues with no real solution. Each of the products that were produced for the brand, was done by doing the proper research, testing of the products, designing the packaging for convenience, getting them produced and made available to consumers, stores and businesses at a very reasonable price.

We are trying to raise the awareness about these sweating issues and coming up with new solutions to tackle them and build self-confidence in people. 

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Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads

Sweat Guard disposable underarm sweat pads is a personal care product that prevents your clothing from getting sweat stains, wet and bad odour. It feels very soft on the skin, light and is convenient to use. …


Sweat Guard
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