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Antiviral & antibacterial face masks, face coverings and accessories

Screenworks are the UK’s leading supplier of antiviral and antibacterial face masks and face coverings. Our Bumpaa™ branded range of antiviral and antibacterial products are treated with the ViralOff® technology which is proven to effectively kill viruses in the 99%+ range within 2 hours*.

With the current threat of the Covid19 pandemic, many businesses are looking at ways to help protect their staff and their customers. Airports and airlines are now moving towards face masks becoming compulsory for all workers and travellers making the Bumpaa™ mask an ideal solution. The Bumpaa™ mask could be adopted as part of a wider strategy helping businesses to reopen safely. The antiviral face masks and face coverings could be issued to airport staff and/or passengers.

The Bumpaa™ range of face masks and face coverings are designed to be super soft and lightweight to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. They can be supplied with Bumpaa™ branding in 12 attractive colours or they can be embellished with a business’ own corporate identity to help promote their brand. As a result of the antiviral treatment, the Bumpaa™ products are reusable preventing the environmental impact of disposable masks going to landfill

The antiviral and antibacterial technology is designed to protect the mask and not the user. The Bumpaa™ range of products are not being sold as PPE and are non-medical. The treatment allows the product to be reused by the wearer without fear of the virus being present on the mask next time it is worn. All the treatments used on the products have passed ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) tests given peace of mind to the wearer.

The masks are manufactured in the UK, including the manufacturing of the fabric. The products can be packaged in two ways, either in polybags or on display header boards that can also be embellished with a business brand and message.

Superior ViralOff® antiviral technology

Sanitiser for your textiles

Antiviral face masks and accessories

Reduce viruses by over 99% in 2 hours*

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK

Helping businesses reopen, with safety in mind

Help prevent the spread of viruses

Without impacting on frontline PPE provision

Reusable, comfortable, lightweight, stylish

Environmentally sound, no washing required

Fully customisable with any design

Bespoke branding for your business

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  • Why are we launching this product?

    ViralOff® is an antiviral treatment added to textiles to protect the treated article itself from contamination against viruses (like Influenza A, Corona, Hepatitatis). Gives 99% reduction of viruses in 2 hours*. It is not intended to cure or prevent diseases. – *ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2)

    Q&A Polygiene ViralOff

    ViralOff is a product for the treatment of textiles and other products that reduces any viruses that come into contact with it by over 99% over two hours.

    Today we see an enormous need and demand for antiviral products. We think antiviral treatments should be used in the correct circumstances, and they should also provide a real, tested effect on viruses.

    What are the benefits of ViralOff?

    The testing speaks volumes, a Viral reduction of 99% or more within 2 hours. In these times, there is little more that needs to be said. There are many instances where you simply do not want viruses to thrive, be it in hospital wear, in operation scrubs, in facemasks, in gloves, or medical and frontline workers clothing. Thinking about the wider community many of these items are products that may now be required even after the pandemic passes. The treatment allows for these products to be reused rather than being disposed in landfill.

    Does it help against all viruses?

    Polygiene have tested the active ingredient against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) over the years, and in all cases, have achieved over 99% reduction in the virus.

    The ISO18184:2019 standard is a test that can be performed on any specific product to measure the effect over a two hour period. To achieve a pass, the product must see a reduction in the virus in excess of 99%. This test uses viruses of the Influenza A strain, but we can use more and other virus strains as they become available. The treatment is currently in testing for COVID 19.

    In which products can it be used?

    It can be used in almost any wearable product, as well as bedsheets and even furniture. The question is not so much if it can be used, as to whether it is useful to have an antiviral function present.

    Can we make any healthcare claims?

    No, we do not make any health claims. The antiviral technology is protection of the treated product, not the wearer. Whether this is also beneficial for the user depends on many other factors. For instance, a face mask will never stop viruses from going through it, but we can ensure viruses do not live in and on it for long. Does this mean in any way that we can say you stay healthy? Of course not. Can we say it is a protection for the mask itself? Yes! And it will make your mask last longer too.

    How long does it last?

    It is a durable and permanent treatment and in theory will outlast the product. For best performance and sustainability, wash less and only when needed. It is suggested that a monthly change of masks would be sensible but not critical.

    How does it work?

    ViralOff stops viral activity through interaction with key proteins. It shows a 99% reduction of many different viruses, on a treated material, within a 2 hour period. Shown by test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2).

    Can ViralOff be used next-to-skin?

    Yes, it has no effect on the skin as it does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora.

    Does it have any environmental certifications?

    The product is in the process of being certified by bluesign(R) and the Oeko-tex(R) Eco Passports.

    How is it applied?

    Normally it is applied to fabric at the finishing stage of production. As several treatments can be simultaneously applied, no additional water or energy is needed and the impact on the environment is reduced.

    Where is it produced?

    The ingredient chemistry is manufactured in the EU with minimal use of resources and in accordance with strict environmental regulations.

    What is ViralOff made of?

    The active ingredient is a biocide and it is made of a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride and it is not nano-silver.

    ViralOff is not intended to prevent disease, it is used for protection of the treated product. The product is available in most markets, but it is not yet approved for use with anti-viral claims, by the US FDA and US EPA.





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