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Efficient Solutions for Safer Aircraft Movements

Safegate Group provides the airport industry with efficient solutions for more and safer aircraft movements. Our solutions improve the operation, control and handling of aircraft on the ground. As a result of dedicated research and development throughout the years, Safegate Group is today considered an expert in providing solutions for Airport operations.

Founded in 1973, Safegate Group is a global company offering a complete range of solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to airports worldwide.

By 2029, airport traffic is expected to double*. This will involve large investments by all of the world’s airports in order to maintain traffic efficiency and safety. Safegate Group works with system solutions that improve operations and ensure safety within the airport. We know that an integrated airport is an intelligent airport. With world-leading airport solutions on one seamless platform connecting all parts of the airport, you are supported to handle more and safer aircraft movements.

With 40 years of experience from the world’s busiest airports, Safegate Group is your one contact point for a complete solution guaranteeing your airport performance. We deliver airport performance, from approach to departure, to more than 1300 airports.

(*ICAO, Airbus GMF 2014)

With our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, representatives in more than 75 countries and Safegate offices around the world, Safegate Group is a truly global company. Made up of more than 300 highly specialised professionals all over the globe, from Engineers to Project Managers, Safegate Group’s experts partner with airports large and small to find the right solutions.

In addition, we work with a network of over 70 representatives around the world, helping us to bring customized, local service to every corner of the globe. These representatives are specialised in product installation, customer support and service and spare part distribution, meaning you’re never far away from a Safegate Group expert.

Company Profile

  • Airport Performance

    Secure the future capacity of your airport today

    The constantly growing demand for air traffic is nothing new, but the airport industry has reached the point where the most obvious solution – to expand through building new infrastructure – is no longer possible. Historically airports have met the needs of increasing traffic by investing in new runways and terminal buildings.

    This is costly and becoming more difficult, if not impossible, due to geographical and environmental restrictions. The standard time for building new infrastructure is at least 5 years from the early design phases to completion, hand over and acceptance.

    Even if an airport is running well within its capacity margins today, it can quickly outgrow itself before the expansion has been completed. In addition to geographical restraints, increased price awareness among consumers, and the aviation sector’s ambitious set of global CO2 emissions-reduction targets, drives the need to find alternative solutions for airport traffic expansion.

  • Airport performance delivered from approach to departure

    These challenges call for a change in how your everyday business is conducted. To be competitive, a modern airport must find cost-efficient solutions for increasing throughput, while also securing a high level of safety. The airport operational environment encompasses a complex structure where many issues cannot be effectively solved by one single organization at the airport. The most efficient way is to view the airport operational process holistically, and let the different parts of the airports talk.

    Safegate Group has both the knowledge and technology needed to accomplish this task. With experience from 1200 airports across the world and over 40 years of experience with gate, airfield and tower operations, Safegate Group provides solutions to the airport airside traffic community that span over several organizational boarders. By offering a complete range of solutions for more and safer movements, we can help you unlock your hidden potential for airport traffic expansion within existing infrastructure.

  • Gate

    80% of airport accidents occur at the gate and apron area. These are busy, confined areas where aircraft, vehicles and people are in constant motion in all types of weather conditions.

    Safety on the ground is a top priority of every airport and airline. According to the Flight Safety Foundation, ramp accidents and incidents number more than 27 000 each year – or one per 1000 flights. The injury rate is nine per 1000 flights. 82% of all ramp accidents occur in the gate area and 48% of those are during arrival.

    Safedock – Safe and efficient docking
    Safegate Group´s solution Safedock A-VDGS saves you money and protects your investment and people. Safedock reduces congestion and the number of personnel on the ramp, performs an aircraft type safety check, scans the apron for vehicles or other objects, verifies the position of the passenger boarding bridge (PBB) and prevents incompatible aircraft from parking at adjacent gates. Safedock also guides an aircraft to its correct position by providing the pilot with intuitive signals, which is critical. 3D A-VDGS have become a global standard with thousands of installations over the years.

    An information-driven approach to safe and efficient operations at gate and apron
    To maximize safety and efficiency on the gate and apron area, Safegate Group has developed a new software concept, SafeControl – Apron Management. The origin of the new concept is Safegate Group’s Gate Operating System (GOS), built on a new platform to enhance integration and data sharing capabilities. SafeControl is a group of software modules used to automate and improve safety at airports around the world. SafeControl – Apron Management is based on the same platform as used for Air Traffic Management guaranteeing you the highest safety and availability.

    Benefits of using Safedock with SafeControl – Apron Management are shorter turnaround times, reduced operational costs, reduced damage risks, more effective planning, higher productivity, enhanced safety and efficiency, enhanced integration and information sharing capabilities.

  • Airfield

    At airports around the globe airfield lighting is a crucial part of the day-to-day operations. Safegate Group has over 50 years of experience installing airfield lighting at more than 1000 airports worldwide. We offer the right modern lighting solutions combined with the knowledge to solve runway incursions, limited throughput and maintenance challenges.

    SafeLED IQ – The all in one revolution
    Our unique solution SafeLED IQ offers possibilities that have never previously been seen in airfield lighting. The SafeLED IQ product range is an advanced lamp fitting built in one solid, well-designed unit, including all the intelligence you could wish for. This all-in-one revolution gives you an AFL system that you will not have to worry about for many, many years. With SafeLED IQ you can centrally monitor and control your LED application without any further hardware, ensuring high availability, great power savings and superior cost-efficiency.

  • Tower

    The day-to-day problems faced by Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) are difficult and call for different ways of managing aircraft movements.

    In the early days of aviation, aircraft required the continuous attention of the pilot in order to fly safely. When the autopilot was introduced many aircraft experts were highly skeptical. However, today most aircraft are guided with the support of an autopilot so that the pilot can focus on more important tasks. It is now time for ATCO to receive the same support.

    With our tower solutions you get information about the most efficient way from touchdown to gate. You receive full status awareness of equipment, full control over aircraft and vehicle positions and fewer planes waiting at the gate, at holding positions, queuing for take-off or circling in the air for landing.

    Safegate Group provides solutions that secure the performance of your airport today and gets you prepared for the traffic demands of tomorrow.


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