Docking Systems and Access Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance, Painting & Assembly

REEL positions itself as one of the industries leading turnkey facilities integrator and Prime Contractors in Docking Systems and Access Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance and manufacturing.

For over 50 years, REEL has always been at the forefront of the aircraft maintenance process with the development, supply and integration of efficient equipment such as Docking Systems and Access Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance, telescopic platforms, and engine handling systems.

REEL provides innovative and technologically advanced systems together with strong project management skills to world leading aircraft manufacturers and was thus awarded the realization of complete automated final assembly lines for the latest aircrafts.

REEL also ensures maintenance in operational condition of production equipment (Access, Handling equipment, Ground Support Equipment / Ground Test Equipment, aircraft lifting equipment, etc.) as part of multi-disciplinary and multi-year contract.

Our maintenance teams located close to our client sites ensure the sustainability of our infrastructure.

Company Profile

  • Leaders in Advanced Docking Systems and Access Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance

    Created in 1946, REEL is

    • An independent company employing nearly 1900 people
    • Anticipating and adapting to an evolving market and clients’ requirements
    • Enjoying a strong international development for the last 20 years
    • An Integrated engineering company for sectors where safety and reliability are major concerns

    Clients’ process objectives are placed at the centre of our organization:

    • Together we find sustainable, technically and economically optimised solutions
    • Develop complete project of integrated systems
    • Optimize our clients’ production process
  • Specialists in the Design of Advanced Docking Systems and Access Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance, Painting and Assembly Processes

    Integrated multi-disciplinary capabilities

    Market dedicated design offices, with qualified engineers:

    • Systems and processes engineering
    • Mechanical design and calculations
    • Instrumentation and Control
    • Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis


    • Overall manufacturing mastering: machining, welding boilermaking, assembly, testing, quality control
    • 6 production units: France, Canada, China
    • A worldwide manufacturing partners’ network: France, Germany, Canada, Eastern Europe, Russia, Emirates and Bahrain, China, Taiwan
  • Engine Test Cells Handling Equipment

    Thanks to its experience in the nuclear and defense industry, REEL is providing high-safety handling equipment in order to secure your high-valued loads and operators that are used for engine test cells.

    Amongst the products in the REEL range of equipment for engine test cells are:

    • Shuttle cranes and monorail systems for engines transfer from / into test cells
    • Automatic crane systems for engine orientation and alignment
    • Jigs and handling tools for engine work stands
    • Work platforms for engine test runs
  • Service Dedicated to Assist our Clients

    With more than 50 years’ technical know-how experience in the maintenance field:

    • Preventive and corrective maintenance
    • Regulatory controls assistance and realisation
    • Improvement and compliance work
    • Erection and commissioning
    • Risk assessments, expert evaluation
    • Technical operation assistance, supervision, on-call duty
    • Maintenance industrial methods
    • Feedback unit
    • Spare parts supply and obsolescence management
  • Safety, an absolute priority, a shared culture:

    • Dedicated team of delegates in each activity
    • A comprehensive package: IT tools, documents, prevention guides and operational organisation
    • A safety training programme (120 sessions a year)

    Quality, controlled and organised around:

    • Client’ satisfaction based on understanding of their needs
    • Operational safety and the availability of our equipment in operation
    • Certifications: ISO 9001 2008 issue, EN 9100 Aeronautic, KTA 1401
    • Accreditations: CEFRI, welding DIN18800-7, EN1090-1 and 1090-2


Reel S.A.S
69 Rue de la Chaux
Saint-Cyr Au Mont d'Or
  • +33 472 297 600