Mouthwash-Powder for Airlines, 100% natural and water-free

Qikfresh is a natural and organic cosmetic firm specialised in innovative dental and oral care solutions for on-the-go application.

Based in Frankfurt, Qikfresh provides convenient, efficient and natural oral care products made for today’s modern lifestyle.

We offer an innovative, 100% natural and water-free mouthwash as a powder – an entirely novel oral care experience designed for the airline industry and its customers.

Our Mouthwash-Powder is made in Germany, controlled and certified with the COSMOS-Standard for natural cosmetics and registered as Vegan by the Vegan Society, guaranteeing the highest quality and 100% natural ingredients.

Qikfresh’s Mouthwash-Powder is the perfect oral care travel companion and does not only offer an efficient breath freshener, but an antibacterial, anticariogenic and anti-inflammatory effect too.

Ready for a complete new oral care experience for your airline and your customers?

Company Profile

  • The innovative Mouthwash-Powder for airlines and travellers

    Qikfresh’s Mouthwash-Powder provides an entirely novel dental and oral care experience designed for airlines and travellers.

    • Water-free mouthwash product and application
    • Single-use sachets for convenient, quick and clean use
    • Small, light, flexible and hygienic packaging
    • 2g powder sachets replace 20ml liquid mouthwash bottles

    The Mouthwash-Powder is made with 100% natural ingredients and is certified as natural cosmetic by the BDIH with the COSMOS-NATURAL standard. It is also registered by the Vegan Society, guaranteeing that only plant-based ingredients are used.

    Qikfresh’s Mouthwash-Powder has a fresh mint taste, is alcohol-free and no synthetic ingredients or preservatives are used.

    This mouthwash product offers a 100% natural dental and oral care experience for the well-being of your guests.

  • The innovative oral care solution for airlines

    Qikfresh’s Mouthwash-Powder is an effective 100% natural water-free mouthwash that offers great features to airlines and their guests:

    -2g Mouthwash-Powder sachets replace a 20ml mouthwash bottle.
    – Less storage space required on trolleys and takes less space in amenity kits or lavatories.

    – 100% water-free product and use.
    – No spillage and no risk of stains.

    – Sachets have low waste volume.
    – Less waste weight leads to reduced waste cost.
    – Assess demand more accurately (1 sachet = 1 use) as opposed to unfinished half-empty bottles.
    – Best before date of product is 30+ months.

    – The sachet design can be customised and printed with the airline’s logo, corporate design or with a compliment or short personal message.
    – The Qikfresh sachets may also offer advertising space for partner advertising.

  • Qikfresh Mouthwash-Powder – the refreshing guest amenity

    Qikfresh offers dental and oral care made for travellers. The Qikfresh Mouthwash-Powder provides a refreshing and unique dental and oral care experience for your guests.

    • Single use: Pre-portioned in hygienic sachets.
    • Convenient: Easy to use and self-explanatory.
    • Flexible use: Use on board or take away for ongoing journey.
    • Dry and clean use: No water required and 100% water-free.
    • Dental and oral health: Refreshing, cooling and caring effects.

    Thanks to the practical size of the sachet and the low weight (2g), the item can be taken away, making the guest experience a lasting one, even after the stay on board.

  • Qikfresh at altitude and revitalise your smile naturally

    qikfresh GmbH & Co. KG is a family-business that launched its Mouthwash-Powder in 2019 and is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Our products are registered with the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) and the Vegan Society, and are certified as controlled natural cosmetic products by the COSMOS-Standard.

    For us social responsibility is an attitude: we engage with the entire supply chain in the ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and packaging processes, adhering to the highest safety and social standards, transparent communication and short supply chain routes. Qikfresh is made in Germany.



The Qikfresh Mouthwash-Powder is designed and developed for travellers. The innovative water-free mouthwash as a powder is the most natural and most convenient way to refresh the mouth and breath and to provide an efficient dental …


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