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Snap & Squeeze is a smart, clean, convenient single portion solution for your breakfast

Menz & Gasser is a leading company in jam and single portions production in Italy and Europe respectively over multiple channels: retail, food service and industry. Menz & Gasser produce the Snap & Squeeze – a smart, clean, convenient single portion solution. Flexibility and understanding customers’ needs are still the company strength points whose result over the years was a quite broad range of formats – from 14/20/25/45/50 g multi shape single portions to 28/340/400/620 g glass jars until 2,5/3/6/12,5/25 kg buckets and bag in box/tanks/carton boxes from different sizes – and flavours, also the savoury ones!

That challenging position we own pushes all of us to go beyond the boundaries every day searching for excellence. This is how Snap & Squeeze – a smart, clean, convenient single portion solution for your snack at any time – was born, targeting at airlines’ and trains’ passengers first and offering them a new way of enjoying jam.

Just snap the portion easily with your finger tips, squeeze it and spread your jam on a toast slice without cutlery with one hand only. No more fear for spots! Still, if you’re more conservative, you can still peel the portion off the old way.

Forget about your worries about tray space, cleaning and waste: Snap & Squeeze from Menz & Gasser is the quick, user-friendly and smart solution you are looking for, when you are on the move.

Horeca operators will welcome that too because it’s a time saving solution as its base and foil stay together after usage.

Last but not least, Snap & Squeeze shows its highest ease in usage with sportsmen: when performances go down get your natural energy squeezing it into the mouth directly.

Available flavours with Kosher and Halal certifications: honey, strawberry, orange, cherry, apricot, peach, blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry.

Snap & Squeeze: a new way of eating jam.

Company Profile

  • Snap & Squeeze is a smart single portion

    Snap & Squeeze is a smart solution which allows you to use one hand only: no cutlery is needed anymore

  • Snap & Squeeze is a clean single portion

    Snap & Squeeze is a clean single portion which avoids you getting dirty and enjoy jam differently alike. Less waste on the table for the operator, more fun for the client.

  • Snap & Squeeze is a user-friendly single portion

    Snap & Squeeze is a user-friendly and versatile single portion which allows use to consume jam/honey, any time, any where, also while running or riding a bike

Company News

Snap & Squeeze: smart single portions by Menz & Gasser

Menz&Gasser launches Snap & Squeeze: the smart single portion to revolutionise your breakfast – and your customers’. How many times have you had breakfast off a tiny tray on a plane or train or in some …


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