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World-Leading Supplier of Hygiene, Catering and Passenger Comfort Items

Malton Inflight is the world’s leading provider of hygiene, catering and passenger comfort items. Every day millions of passengers are benefitting from the products we design, manufacture and supply.

Designed in London, crafted in Shanghai and enjoyed worldwide – Malton Inflight has been providing expert industry knowledge, world-class customer service and tailored product offerings for over 30 years. Home to products such as the Ministro flask, eco-friendly trash compactor boxes, and the renowned AirGenie liquid soap, to date we have gained five Mercury Awards for innovation and environmentally-friendly products, the only company in the world to do so.

Initially, the Company’s strengths were in sourcing and manufacture in China with products such as Hot Towels, Amenity Kits, Headphones and Fun Packs. In 1993, Malton Inflight was one of the first airline specialist companies to open a dedicated sourcing and inspection office in China. Quality is assured through our comprehensive in-house quality controls, and independent quality accreditation’s including ISO.

In 2004 Malton Inflight became one of the first airline supply specialists to develop a unique range of environmentally-friendly, compostable “plastic” products made from sustainable materials such as corn and potato starch, with its Back2Earth range.

We provide expert industry knowledge, high standards of customer assistance and a trusted and reliable service.

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Food and Beverage

Ministro – Serving Flask *Mercury Award Winning

Our award-winning design has served the economy, first and business cabins in some of the largest airlines, from all corners of the world since its creation.

The Ministro flask passes the ultimate test, delivering on four founding principles of functionality, quality, eco-friendliness and being financially viable.

Built from months of research and testing; size, shape, design and usability with Emirates’ cabin team. The Ministro is constructed with unique functional features, combining sleek design with premium quality for everyday use. Taller and more slender than its predecessors, reducing its footprint while still holding the same volume of liquid.

Crafted with a high-grade stainless-steel body and 100% Virgin plastic, the Ministro is made to be strong and sustainable, for even the most turbulent of coffee mornings. ‍ Preserving flavour and freshness, keeping beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours while in the air, above water, or on the tracks.

For more details: Ministro

Royal Pearl – * Mercury Award Winning

Royal Pearl is an award-winning innovation in chinaware. Developed from recycled seashells, this product is of the exceptional quality required to make your first & business class service stand out from the rest.

For more details: Royal Pearl

Hygiene and Galley

Trash Compactor Box *Mercury Award Winning

Cabin space is always a valuable commodity in the commercial airline business. We offer a specially designed leak-proof box which fits into the 3210 Monogram trash compactor, a modified version of our earlier Mercury award-winner.

For more details: Trash Compactor Box

Airgenie – 2 in 1 Liquid hand soap and air freshener - *Mercury Award Winning

The Airgenie combines two essential products in one. A completely disposable anti-bacterial hand soap on top, with a discreetly placed scented air freshener at its base.

The Airgenie is SGS certified, providing protection against the most stubborn of bacteria.

For more details: Airgenie

Passenger Experience

Pillows and Blankets

A comfortable and warm layer for those long-haul flights, made from beautifully-textured woven fleece.

Did you know it takes on average, 7 litres of water to wash one blanket?

With mounting pressures for the airline industry to reduce its environmental impact while remaining cost-efficient, industry development is critical. Apart from washing costs, there is also the cost of transporting and recycling blankets for re-usage. Our Passenger Experience collection offer non-woven, and fleece blanket specifically developed with the airline industry in mind.

For more details: Pillows and Blankets

Children’s Fun Pack *Mercury Award Winning

As any parent knows, if their kids are quiet and contented then everyone’s happy. Our award-winning Children’s Fun packs are filled with entertaining games and activities in order to occupy the excited minds of your younger travellers throughout the flight.

For more details: Children’s Fun Pack


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