Luminator Aerospace

Aircraft Interior and Exterior Lighting

Innovators in Aerospace lighting, Luminator Aerospace has been the premier supplier of aircraft interior and exterior lighting, passenger information signs and searchlights to the commercial, general and military aircraft markets for over 75 years. Serving three major transportation sectors: aerospace, bus, and rail, Luminator provides advanced solutions for many aircraft lighting and signage requirements. Our LED aircraft lighting and passenger information signs are designed to meet the needs of an ever-evolving aerospace industry.

Luminator Aerospace brand products have been relied upon for lighting, safety and passenger comfort systems to the commercial, general and military aircraft markets since the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas DC-4 in 1942. Luminator Aerospace products include both interior and exterior lighting developed for major operators, OEMs and tier I and tier II customers. American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines; Boeing, Airbus, and EADS Eurocopter; and Driessen, C&D Zodiac, BE Aerospace and Jamco are to name a few.

Each Luminator Aerospace brand product has been assessed and designed to exceed customer requirements. They have been developed closely with customer input and approval. All products are supported by world class engineering, manufacturing and customer service. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Luminator Aerospace products comply with all FAA airworthiness requirements and are developed, certified and maintained through an accredited quality management system in accordance with requirements of the AS9100C, ISO 9001-2008, ASO100A and FAA Title 14 CFR §21.303.


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