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Non-Electric Cooling Solutions for Airline Catering

Icebridge Ltd is specialized in non-electric cooling solutions for airline catering. Icebridge product innovations are super-light, highly durable and cost effective cooling solutions for the airline food catering. Icebridge products are suitable for all equipment models, KSSU, Atlas and ACE. Icebridge products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Icebridge cooling solutions have already being used by airlines for many years. The products are suitable for various catering concepts. Icebridge provides solutions with Buy On Board concepts, complimentary service, over night flight catering, etc. The Icebridge products can be used for Chilled, Frozen and Hot food transportation.

Icebridge Ltd. will also design and produce custom made solutions for Airlines according to their exact needs. 3D laser modeling enables fast and cost effective model designing and testing before final product production.

The inventor Jarmo Aurekoski has several years of expertise in the Airline catering business. He has been responsible for catering solutions and catering agreements for airlines world wide. Jarmo’s background is in the Food & Beverage industry for over 15 years. The first cooling innovations for the airline trolleys was made already 7 years ago. New, highly innovative product launches will definetely occur several times during 2013.

The Icebridge Team is a combination of professionals with one common interest – Passion for flying. Icebridge team members are very experienced airline professionals with decades of knowledge inside the business. Icebridge is localized in the North America, Middle East and Europe with their own sales teams.

Company Profile

  • Trolley Coolers

    The Icebridge Trolley Cooler is the optimal solution for long-term food chilling. The Trolley Cooler will solve the problem with uneven and insufficient cooling of Inflight trolleys. The trolley content will stay chilled and fresh for up to 23 hours with no electricity and no freezing at any stage.

    The Icebridge Trolley Cooler is designed to keep food and beverages chilled, when there is no electricity or chillers available. The cooling source is dry ice.  The cooling performance of the Icebridge Cooler is outstanding: Depending on the ambient temperature, the trolley contents will maintain under hygienic conditions (+1 – +7 °C) up to 23 hours. The Trolley Cooler is a practical solution for the night stop flights as well. There is no need for the catering service in the morning, since the fresh and hygienic food is already on board. The trolley contents will stay chilled overnight and the food is still safe and hygienic to serve in the morning.

    The Refillable Cooler is very easy and safe to use. The Cooler can be used on all Atlas and KSSU trolleys and containers. Easy assembly and easy machine wash have made the Icebridge Cooler an ideal product for every catering unit to use. The Refillable Cooler is also very easy and practical to use on board. The crew can handle the Icebridge Cooler at any time with no risk of getting hurt by handling the dry ice.

  • Cooling Chest

    The Icebridge Cooling Chest is a patented solution for long-term food storing and transportation. The Container is suitable for all trolley models. Airlines have used the Cooling Chests for over 4 years with great success and significant savings. Thermally insulated container enables the transportation of cold, frozen and hot food with various cooling materials.

    The Icebridge Cooling Chest is a very simple, yet effective and extremely durable solution for food transportation. The Chest is especially designed for Buy On Board concepts and bulk food service. Wireless Temperature controlling device can be attached in the Container for accurate and controlled food transportation.

    The Icebridge Cooling Chest has multiple uses cases within a single product and allows modifying service & catering concepts easily. Fresh food items can be easily stored for multiple flight legs or long-haul flights with the Icebridge Cooling Chest e.g. two Icebridge Cooling Chests fit inside a standard half-size Atlas trolley, even if the trolley door is open and the other Icebridge Cooling Chest would be open the other unit inside the trolley would be closed and sealed for example the return flight. The Icebridge Cooling Chest can reduce the number of catering uplifts and loss of fresh products, which will result in increased onboard sales with buy-on-board concepts.

  • Cooling Cassettes

    The Icebridge Trolley Cooling Cassette is designed to beverage cooling inside the trolley. The Cassette is suitable on all trolley models, Atlas, KSSU and ACE. The Cassette is placed on the Trolley rails minimising the space loss. The Cassette durability is guaranteed for 12 months. Trolley Cooling Cassette enables significant savings and stable quality compared to Dry Ice. The hollow and insulated handle will ease the handling of the cassette.

    The Icebridge Cooling cassette is custom designed to fit inside the Icebridge Cooling Chest, the Atlas Oven Insert case as well as The Ice Cube Container. The cassette can be filled with multiple cooling liquid solutions to optimise the cooling/freezing performance.

  • Oven Insert Case

    Icebridge Oven Insert Case is made out of two highly durable and ultra-light weight pieces that lock into place. The Atlas oven insert that fits 32 standard-size meals is placed inside the Icebridge Oven Insert Case and either Cooling Cassette or Dry Ice is used for cooling depending on the meals.

    The Icebridge Oven Insert Case allows to maximize food production at home base catering and ensuring the quality of return catering, providing significant supply chain cost savings. This will simplify menu’s onboard various flights and purchasing. Depending on galley space, trays for the return flight can be transported in normal trolleys or then picked up from the outstation, streamlining the need what is picked up from outstation caterers.

  • Wet Ice Box

    The Icebridge Ice Cube Container is designed to Wet Ice storing and transportation on Board. The Container is custom designed to fit on Atlas trolleys.

    The Icebridge Cooling cassette will be placed inside the container for long term cooling. The cassette is located on the rear end of the container facing upwards for optimal cooling and handling of the ice cubes. The ice cubes will stay fresh and solid with only 10% loss during the 20 hour period. The container is safe to use inside the trolley, since no risk of water leakage. Two Containers will fit in one Half size Atlas trolley.


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