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Airline Hygiene, Cleaning and Care Products

For three decades, Horsleys has supplied leading airlines with a range of essential hygiene products for keeping aircraft interiors clean as well as providing comfort and everyday luxury to passengers.

We understand the airline industry has a unique set of restrictions and regulations and so we make your job easier by ensuring that our hygiene and cleaning products are safe and suitable for use in a pressurised passenger aircraft cabin.

Along with our specialist hygiene industry knowledge, you can expect competitive pricing, the highest standards of customer service and quick, reliable, national and international delivery.

Horsleys hygiene, cleaning and care products are available in plain and unfussy packaging or can be customised with your brand colours and logo.

If it’s your job to acquire aircraft cleaning and bathroom products, we’ll ensure you get the hygiene products you need at a fair price, delivered where you need them, on time every time.

The company was acquired by new management in 2015 and relocated from rural Berkshire to new premises at Bournemouth International Airport in 2016. The success of Horsleys has been based on providing quality hygiene products reliably and affordably while always meeting the exacting standards of the airline industry and looking to the future we will be introducing innovations to make our products better and keep our costs as low as ever.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Hygiene Bathroom Products

    Our bathroom products include our top-selling liquid soap formulated exclusively for the airline industry as well as anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel and moisturising hand lotion.

    Horsleys aircraft Liquid Soap is unfragranced, kind to sensitive skin, anti-bacterial and compliant with EU regulations. It comes in a 275ml pump dispenser designed to deliver just enough soap for 500 uses per bottle.

    Our Hand Sanitiser gel product – Waterless Hand Cleaner – also comes in a 275ml pump dispenser which contains a safe, quick-drying, biodegradable gel that covers your hands with an anti-bacterial layer that protects your skin for up to eight hours after use.

    The last in the set of three Horsleys bathroom products is our Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion – a little everyday luxury that passengers really appreciate. With a mild, natural scent, it is designed to soothe and moisturise dry skin, leaving passengers feeling refreshed.

    We also provide a custom aircraft bathroom amenity rack, designed to hold one, two or all three of our bathroom products and supplied complete with all necessary Repair & Modification paperwork, to save you time.

    All of these products can optionally be supplied with your own airline logo or brand colours.

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  • Aircraft Hygiene Cleaning Products

    For the use of air crew, the Horsleys range includes industry-compliant, ozone-friendly, aircraft air fresheners that are safe for use in a pressurised cabin; our odourless galley hard surface cleaning sprays are the perfect size to pack into a galley kit; we supply an extensive range of galley oven gloves and mitts to suit any airline’s needs; and our aqueous spill cleaning kits provide everything an attendant needs to isolate a spill and remove it from the cabin.

    Most recently, we have launched an aircraft insecticide that meets the latest World Health Organisation recommendations for aircraft disinsection.

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  • Airline Passenger Care Products

    For the comfort of passengers, Horsleys supplies air sickness bags, toilet seat covers, headrest covers and of course hot and cold towels to keep your customers feeling clean and refreshed in their seats.

    Exclusive to Horsleys is our Sky Cot, a fully disposable aircraft carrycot designed to fit a standard aircraft cot shelf that saves you time and money whilst making your passengers feel like you’ve considered their every need.

    We are confident that you will not find a better hot towel on the market than our First Class Hot Towels, made from luxurious cotton towelling. A perfect way to show your best customers that you have made every effort to ensure their in-flight comfort.

    Headrest covers can be supplied in a variety of colours and materials to suit any budget and can of course be printed with you company logo. Likewise, airsickness bags, individual hot towel packaging and Sky Cots can be supplied with a variety of customisations – just tell us your requirements and limitations and we’ll find the solution.

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