Aircraft Parts and MRO Supplier

HEICO Corporation is a successful and growing technology-driven aerospace, industrial, defense and electronics company. For more than 55 years, HEICO has thrived by providing customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services.

HEICO’s products are found on large commercial aircraft, regional, business and military aircraft, as well as on a large variety of industrial turbines, targeting systems, missiles and electro-optical devices.

HEICO Corporation operates in two segments, the Flight Support group and the Electronic Technologies group. The Flight Support group designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs, distributes and overhauls FAA-approved parts that extend over the entire aircraft, from the engines all the way to hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, avionic, structures, wheels and brakes and even interiors.

The Electronic Technologies group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electrically and electro-optical engineered products used in the aerospace, defense, space, and electronics industries.

By combining state-of-the-art technologies, a team of highly skilled Team Members and an indisputable commitment to quality, both segments have constantly delivered invaluable solutions to customers over the years, helping to position them as leaders within their industries.

Through our Flight Support Group, we are: the world’s largest independent provider of FAA-approved aircraft replacement parts; a significant provider of aircraft accessories component repair & overhaul services for avionic, electro-mechanical and pneumatic applications; a leader in niche aircraft parts distribution; and a manufacturer of other critical aircraft parts.

HEICO’s Flight Support Group is known worldwide as a leader in high-quality and cost-saving aftermarket parts supply and repair solutions. These solutions include new parts design and manufacturing, proprietary Designated Engineering Representative (“DER”) repairs & overhauls, distribution and specialty product manufacturing. All of the world’s major airlines are HEICO Flight Support Group customers. Our growing business also distributes non-HEICO-made parts, in addition to supplying critical components to original equipment manufacturers and the U.S. military. We are partnered with numerous airlines around the globe through innovative parts development arrangements.

Company Profile

  • Parts Supply

    HEICO Parts Group (HPG) is the world’s largest independent supplier of FAA-PMA approved engine and component parts for virtually every engine platform and ATA chapter, holding over 10,000 FAA approvals, and producing more than 500 new, highly engineered parts each year.

    HPG offers more than parts. Customers continue to turn to HEICO to solve operational problems through product improvements, to develop new unit exchange programs, and to design and manufacture detailed parts for use in customer designed repairs.

    HEICO’s PMA Management Program was launched in 2007 to serve as a one-stop solution for airlines, providing HEICO Parts, as well as sourcing, auditing, and supplying PMA parts from other suppliers that meet the quality and savings goals of each customer.

    HEICO’s success is based on the ability to provide a wide range of tailored cost-saving solutions to its global customer base.

    HEICO Parts Group consists of 10 operating units which design, manufacture, and repair FAA-approved aircraft and engine replacement parts. The HEICO Parts companies utilize a proprietary method, developed over the past 55 years, to deliver customers the highest quality parts at the lowest possible costs, creating true leverage for HEICO’s loyal customers. While other companies may hold PMA, the Parts group is unique in its size, financial strength and breadth of product offerings.

  • Repair and Overhaul Services

    HEICO Repair Group (HRG), which supplies flight-critical repair and overhaul services for aircraft accessory components, such as Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic, Avionic, Landing gear and Structural aircraft sections, is one of the largest independent component MRO and Asset Management Services providers in the world.

    Our success is a result of our team’s ability to fully understand our customers’ requirements, delivering the optimal solutions for their needs.

    Core Component Capabilities include:

    • Avionics
    • Electronics
    • Electro-Mechanical
    • Electrical Harnesses & Rewinds
    • Fuel
    • Hydraulics
    • Power Generation
    • Pneumatics
    • Structures
    • Wheels & Brakes
  • Maintenance Repair & Overhaul – Products and Services

    Aircraft Accessories

    • Electro-Mechanical – Starters, CSDs, IDGs, Generators, Fans, Actuators, Valves
    • Pneumatic – Starters, PRBCs, Air Cycle Machines, Valves
    • Hydraulic – Gear Boxes, Pumps, Transmissions, Actuators, Cylinders, Valves
    • Electronics – Control Units, Valves, Oil Coolers

    Structures and Advanced Composite

    • Products – Nacelles, Reversers, Flight Control Surfaces, Radomes, Tail Cones, Cowling, Ducts, Doors and Fairings
    • Services – In-house DER, Transmissivity Test Range, In-House Tooling Manufacture, Advanced Machining, Non-Destructive Analysis

    Electronics, Avionics and Instruments

    • Electronics – GCUs, Bus Protection Panels, Temperature Controls, Power Supplies, Static Inverters
    • Avionics – TCAS, VOR, ADF, Radars, Indicators, Antennas, Transponders, INU, IRU, DU, Wind Shear Radars
    • Instruments – EPR Transmitters, Air Data Computers, RMI, Cockpit Voice Recorders, Gyros
    • Indicators – Course, Flap Position, Fuel Flow, Fuel Qty, Pressure Ratio, Temperature

    Power Plant

    • Engine Components – Fuel Pumps, Flow Dividers, Fuel Heaters, Fuel Nozzle’s, Harnesses, MECs, FFRs

    Wheels and Brakes

    • ABSC, Bendix, Dunlop, & Goodrich
    • HEICO currently manages Cost Per Landing programs and Fixed Price programs for several major airlines. For our contract customers, we offer access to asset pools, accommodating immediate and/or advance exchange requirements.
  • Aftermarket Asset Management and Parts Trading

    HEICO is a leading aftermarket supplier of high quality aircraft components to a worldwide customer base comprised of major commercial, regional, and corporate aircraft operators, and aftermarket suppliers. HEICO’s strengths include strategically located warehouses stocked with inventory to support our customers around the world, superior customer focus backed by flexible exchange programs and total spare support.

    • Leading aftermarket supplier of high quality aircraft components
    • Flexible Exchange Programs and Total Spare Support
    • Parts procurement – Extensive network of sources
    • Repair Management – Strength in volume leads to savings
    • Customized leasing and purchase/leaseback programs
    • Global, strategically located warehouses and offices in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.
    • Offices located in Chicago, Miami, Arizona, New York, London, Brazil and Israel


HEICO Aerospace Corporation
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