GuestLogix Inc.

Global Provider of Onboard Retail & Payment Technology Solutions to Airlines

For over 10 years, we at Guestlogix have been developing solutions that help airlines improve their onboard programs by transforming how they sell. Across the globe, our solutions power dozens of airlines’ onboard retail operations, increasing their ancillary revenue and boosting passenger loyalty like no other industry provider can. By delivering the products that passengers want and services they need, we’re helping airlines get closer to their customers and uncover more ways to be relevant, whether it’s on the ground or in the air.

GuestLogix’ global headquarters is located in Toronto, with regional head offices located in Dallas, London and Hong Kong, and a Product Innovation Lab located in Moncton. More information is available at and

Company Profile

  • The Guestlogix Platform

    • The most comprehensive airline commerce platform designed to satisfy passenger needs and airline revenue goals.
    • The Guestlogix Platform scales to your business needs, connecting all functions of your onboard retail.

    Why Do Customers Choose Guestlogix?

    We offer all the tools you need on a single platform: passenger analytics, product optimization, marketing promotions, payments, transaction processing and more.

    We follow the highest industry standards for data protection and fraud prevention to ensure that all passenger transactions are secure and protected.

    Our configurable SaaS solution offers airlines a full set of retail, marketing, and reporting features with modules available to address specific business needs and revenue goals.

    Our goal is to create user-centric solutions that are enjoyable and easy to use. Whether it’s for a passenger, flight attendant, or admin, Guestlogix solutions are built to create the best experience possible.

  • Management Console

    • Control your onboard commerce and marketing with the industry’s most robust back office solution.
    • Manage operations and build campaigns all in one platform.

    It doesn’t matter if you run your own provisioning or use a catering company; you’ll be able to easily track your inventory from warehouse to onboard and back.

    Create and manage an attractive and easy-to-navigate catalogue of all your onboard products and services that is automatically updated across all channels (mobile apps, POS, pre-ordering website, etc.)

    Make onboard sales more enticing by running personalized campaigns on your products for specific time frames, channels, destination, cabin classes – the sky is the limit.

    Leverage machine learning and data to target return flyers based on previous purchases and optimize messaging to specific passengers through the passenger app.


  • Flight Attendant Point of Sale

    • Give flight attendants the one tool they’ll ever need to track flight operations and conduct onboard sales.
    • A better onboard retail solution

    Improve onboard retail with a branded point of sale solution that allows flight attendants to easily make sales, track inventory, process payments, and more in any state of connectivity.

    Accept multiple types of payments on board, supporting the needs of customers in 144 countries on all 6 continents.

    Set alerts for when campaigns are running. Pop-ups within the app ensure that flight attendants always know what promotions are available for passengers in real time.

    The Guestlogix app runs on your favorite iOS or Android device. Hook it up with your preferred payment peripheral or one from our list of recommended vendors for simple transactions.

  • Passenger Experience App

    • Provide your passengers with a personal concierge right on their own devices, giving them more control over their experience.
    • The path to more revenue is through better passenger experience.

    Through the app, passengers can order products, food, or virtual items during or before their flight ensuring they get exactly what they need during their journey.

    Passengers can see when their order is approved, the service window it’ll be delivered within, and when it’s out for delivery. They can easily access past orders through their app removing the need for emailing or printing receipts.

    By storing their preferred payment option of credit or mileage/loyalty points in the app, orders can be as simple as a few taps of the finger.

    Personalize passengers’ experiences to create loyal customers. Track satisfaction scores with simple polls after every flight for a better understanding of what makes customers happy.

  • Actionable Insights

    • Improve your operations with robust, custom reports and actionable insights.
    • Faster reporting means faster decisions

    Choose from our pre-made reports or create your own for all areas of your operations like inventory, industry metrics, passenger satisfaction, and more.

    Get an at-a-glance view of your day-to-day operations right when you log into your account

    Monitor the performance of your campaigns and onboard sales, with a view into high and low performing areas.

    Make better business decisions backed by data. Reduce stock-outs and wastage with more accurate forecasting.


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