GO Mouthwash

Innovative Inflight Mouthwash Packet Solutions ensuring your passengers fresh breath and confidence

Make Flights Fresher
with GO Mouthwash

Throughout holiday gatherings, school intermissions, and summer vacations alike, travelers are talking. Here’s one of the most common questions they receive upon arrival: how was your flight? With GO Mouthwash, airlines and airport retailers alike can give travelers a share-worthy mention from their journey with an unmistakably positive inflection. All the while, these versatile packets are customizable with your unique logo and branding. That means getting the word out everywhere from Albuquerque to Zanesville. There’s no better way to prioritise your passengers than with hours of fresh breath. Not to mention, their seat mates will thank you.

Versatile and Travel-Ready
Let’s face it: lavatories are limited when it comes to space. That’s why GO Mouthwash features a slim, compact design that fits just about anywhere. These TSA-approved travel companions are also welcomed additions to airport retailers and courtesy overnight toiletry bags alike.

It’s time to kick clunky mouthwash bottles to the curb while bringing out the best in every traveler’s experience. That’s the GO Mouthwash difference.

Make Every Mile Count
Today, traveller expectations are higher than ever before. Give them another reason to choose your airline, lounge, or retail location with GO Mouthwash.

  • Dedicated to Diversity – GO Mouthwash is a proud Certified Women-Owned Business  (WBENC) empowering our partners to go beyond their diversity requirements.
  • Focused on Hygiene – unlike dispensers, GO Mouthwash packets are pre-portioned for single uses to avoid spreading germs. Likewise, there are no artificial, teeth-staining dyes.
  • Committed to Sustainability – as Terra Cycle partners, GO Mouthwash’s recyclable packets are centered on sustainability with compact, waste-reducing packaging.
  • Passionate about Social Responsibility – over 100,000 GO Mouthwash packets will be donated in 2023, setting a new standard for social responsibility.
  • Geared toward Cost-Effectiveness – with one sachet equaling one use, unused GO Mouthwash packets can be repositioned (vice discarded) and counted to measure demand.

Word spreads from coast to coast. With GO Mouthwash, so does fresh breath. There’s a reason why forward-thinking leaders within the aviation industry are turning to GO Mouthwash as the ideal complement to a premier travel experience. Get in touch today for partnership inquiries.


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