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The history of Gimmel Leather starts as early as 1690 when the first hides were tanned. Five generations later in 1848 the Gimmel family took over.

The first leathers were produced for the daily use until specialization started: in the 1950s fashion leather for handbags and in the 1960s upholstery leather.

1979 the first upholstery leather with FR-treatment was produced for Swissair. Today aircraft interior is Gimmel’s main market.

Company Profile

  • Airline Leather Production

    We know how: with as many years of experience Gimmel Leather has acquired an extensive knowledge and understanding of aircraft leather production. Either as a supplier of volume or for a niche-market, Gimmel Leather offers customer-specified solutions for the domestic, European and the American market backed by a serious service commitment.

    Gimmel Leather production has been transferred to Italy in 2013. Today it is produced in a special cooperation in one of the most advanced leather manufacturers for automotive and aviation leather at the tannery PASUBIO s.p.a. in Arzignano.

    PASUBIO produces finished articles from wet-blue or wet-white leather. It employs approximately 280 people working in a covered area of 18,000m2. Its production capacity amounts to 6,000 hides/day over two work shifts. Ever since it was established in 1966, the company has set itself a precise target: the pursuit of excellence through specialization and quality.

  • Leather Qualities

    Leather is a natural product. According to the anatomy of the animal, there are differences in density of the fiber structure within the hide. Many testing procedures therefore produce varying results even within a single hide or from one hide to the next. On account of this, is it mandatory that quality assurance is conducted according to test methods and criteria developed by the leather industry or leather testing institutes.

    The most important physical tests are carried out regularly in the in-house laboratory of Pasubio. Environmentally relevant chemical tests are carried out by specialized laboratories.

    LACAR® PRESTIGE CLASSIC is a superb elegant leather with a smooth surface which compliments the demands of its discerning clients. Made of European bull-hides, with highly specialized techniques to meet the requirements of the aircraft industry. It is protected by a tinted lacquer to provide outstanding wear factors, available in a range of 20 appealing colors from stock or in any custom-made color.

    LACAR® PRESTIGE MERCATO has a wear-proof embossed surface with a unique design. The structured surface allows to employ other than European bull-hides and such results in a more economic leather for the use in large projects.

    AIR JET is a leather quality that originates from luxury cars. A smooth hand and surface that shows the natural grain gives it the exclusive touch.

    AIR SPACE is produced with more economic rawhides of smaller size. It is best suited to offer cut parts to the customers.

  • Cut Parts for Aircraft Leather Interiors

    Airline Leather Embossing, Printing, Embroidery

    Leather has an unique advantage against all other materials: it can be designed custom-made, also in small quantities. Special colors, finishes, embossings, printings, even with ink-jet or embroideries can be applied at almost no limit to the skilled designer.


    The leather supplied by Gimmel comes out of state-to-the-art production facilities at high European standards. European consumer acts as well as compliance with REACH can be guaranteed.


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