Factorydesign Ltd.

Aircraft Cabin Interior Design, Strategy & Solutions

Factorydesign is a creative design agency based in London specializing in airline cabin interiors design and products for commercial aircraft and business jets, with particular expertise of the A380, A350, B777 and B787.

Since 1997, our experienced team of designers and engineers has been delivering a broad range of expertise to our clients including research, design strategy, idea generation and innovation, through to design development and pre-production management.

Our aim is to create enjoyable and memorable experiences and design appealing products. We combine creativity, trends, consumer behaviour and insights with commercial realism to create successful design solutions.

Our work is driven by our high standards for detail and innovation, guided by a strong sense of how products and people interrelate. From strategic front-end thinking to detailed design, we have developed effective and measurable programmes for global players across the industry.

We champion the human aspects, materials, features and benefits that make one product more appealing than another. Whether we are designing for luxury business class or pragmatic economy, commercial or technology products, our attention to the user interaction is paramount.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Custom Seat Design

    We have a strong background designing commercial airline seats for manufacturers such as Acro Aircraft Seating and Thompson Aircraft Seating.

    We combine our eye for design with an in depth knowledge of aviation certification limitations ensuring that the best designs are realised.

    Our recent projects which include the business class Vantage XL, and the economy seat Acro Superlight.

    In their various iterations both have won numerous aviation and design awards since their launch and are now flying on major airlines worldwide.

  • Airline Cabin Interiors Design, Galleys and Layout

    Having completed the new Etihad Airways and Four Seasons Jet interiors we have extensive experience and knowledge of cabin interior and product design for all modern commercial aircraft cabins.

    Our work with Etihad on what is one of the most customised commercial aircrafts gave us the unique chance to make significant changes to many of the galleys and lav components, increasing usability and creating a new standard for commercial airlines.

    Through their combined experience working on high-profile, demanding jobs such as these, our team has the specialised knowledge and skills needed to produce clever, insightful interiors and layouts.

  • Airline Cabin Interiors Trim and Finish

    We realise the importance of understanding our clients and ensuring that their product sends a cohesive message to the passengers by relating the overall brand values.

    From small updates for the interior to a full redesign, we work hard to bring an individual approach to the design whatever the scope of the work.

  • Certified Design Partnership (SWS)

    Our collaboration with SWS offers turn-key solutions for cabin interior programs for commercial aviation narrow and wide-bodied aircraft, business jets and rotorcraft.

    The partnership provides our clients with an efficient, time and cost effective process by combining our expertise in design and certification all the way from initial concept to FAI.


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