Empathyce Customer Experience

Passenger Experience Consulting, Customer Experience Training & Customer Journey Mapping

Empathyce Customer Experience helps airlines to be stronger commercially and strategically by understanding what it is really like to be a passenger, what it should be like, why and how.

Before becoming consultants and trainers we all held senior customer experience roles. We now help operationalise customer experience thinking across many sectors, including aviation.

With our customer experience consultancy we help nurture a passenger-centric culture through internal communications and employee/partner engagement. And we help create and implement strategic passenger experience plans so that every part of the airline and its partners are working to the same aim.

Meanwhile, the principles can be used on your other key stakeholders to improve their experience. Great places to work mean employees become more engaged and more willing to do the right thing. And third parties – in whose hands your brand promise often rests – will demonstrate the same values.

Our other focus is customer experience training. Managing director, Jerry Angrave, is one of a handful of people worldwide authorised by the Customer Experience Professionals Association to train individuals and teams for their official accreditation, the Certified Customer Experience Professional.

Whether new-to-role or taking on Passenger Experience responsibilities in addition to a Marketing or Operations job, the competency training is aimed at giving people the right skills, tools and confidence. It shows how they can increase the commercial value they add, influence a stronger passenger-centric culture and enjoy their job more.

We also help improve passenger experiences for PRMs – people with a visible or hidden disability and the people travelling with them. Empathyce managing director Jerry Angrave knows first-hand the challenges passengers face, having a teenage son with a severe learning disability.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Experience Consulting

    Expectations are rising all the time about the experience, often set by what people see in other sectors. We also know that, more than ever before, passengers have a choice and a voice.

    Our consulting support is there to help give you the tools, facts and confidence you need to move on with your plans.

    So our passenger experience consulting services often start by gathering evidence to show what passengers see, hear, think and feel as they interact with you through the various stages of their journey, how that compares to what they hoped it would be like and what they say to each other about it.

    We then put that in the context of what you want your airline to be known for and how it makes its money so you can prioritise and give governance to the right actions.

  • Customer Experience Training / Passenger Experience Training

    For members of your team who have taken on customer experience responsibilities they may be interested in our competency-based customer experience training.

    Managing director, Jerry Angrave, is one of a handful of people worldwide authorised by the Customer Experience Professionals Association to train individuals and teams for their official accreditation, the Certified Customer Experience Professional.

    Training will be designed around the needs of you and your team. It could be 1-2-1 mentoring, a two-day onsite workshop for a team of 25 or something in-between. It would be aviation focused but the training is structured around the six competencies identified by the Customer Experience Professionals’ Association as necessary to be an effective CX practitioner:

    • nurture a genuine and sustainable Passenger-Centric Culture with the right mindset and effective employee engagement
    • use a Passenger Experience Strategy to give clarity about intended experiences and therefore align business efforts
    • listen to the Voice of the Customer in a way that unearths valuable, actionable insight from structured and unstructured feedback
    • quantify the case for change by using the right Measurement and Metrics and understand the link to commercial performance
    • continually improve with experience Design, Improvement and Innovation using journey mapping and other techniques
    • provide robust governance with Organisational Accountability to prioritise activity and bring your CX efforts to life.

    We use case studies and templates to illustrate the points and we have exercises to help you on your way. We also look at the day-to-day reality of being a customer experience professional and the importance of influencing styles and perseverance.

  • Voice of the Customer / Voice of the Passenger

    To see the commercial benefits of being genuinely passenger-centric requires any business to listen, understanding and act.

    That real passenger empathy comes from a number of sources to create an effective “Voice of the Passenger” programme.

    Using structured and unstructured feedback, ethnography and journey mapping, we create a detailed picture of the current passenger experience.

    That can then be compared to the purpose, strategies, brand promise and values you set out.

    In turn, we help identify what you should be measuring – how well are you doing the most important things? You will know the cultural, strategic and tactical priorities to ensure you keep passengers coming back, buying more while they’re with you and telling everyone they know to do the same.

  • Passenger Journey Mapping / Customer Journey Mapping

    Customer journey mapping is often an incredibly constructive place to start.

    We facilitate workshops that create a visual reference of what the journey looks like from a given persona’s perspective.

    They establish a common and shared view of what it’s really like being a passenger with your airline to provide the evidence and facts for change.

    By comparing its outputs to your commercial objectives and strategies it becomes clear where the priorities are. They show where the opportunities lie to improve the experience and reduce wasted costs.

    We also train-the-trainer, showing how to set up workshops, how to facilitate them on the day and – critically – how to find the value in them afterwards.


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