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Flexible Food Packaging for Airline Catering

MR Renato Gabelli, established Effegidi International S.p.A. in 1973 (Parma, Italy).

Being based in Parma, located in the Food Valley, land of the Parmesan Ham and of the Parmigiano cheese, we know very well the needs of the food packaging sector. With more than 40 years of experience in technical laminates, at Effegidi, we are increasingly consolidating our position in the airline food packaging industry.

With the production of single and multiple layer films, we combine the different properties of each single material according to the needs of our customers. Our company is certified BRC with double AA score.

Today, with a vast and ever-evolving range of products, we can choose the most appropriate material to protect your food. Each laminate responds to specific mechanical, thermal and chemical characteristics to ensure the maximum compatibility with foods they get in contact with.

Our products have high technical, aesthetical and quality characteristics, thanks to innovative productive technologies such as solvent-less lamination, use of water-based adhesives and solvent/water-based coatings.

Research and development of new materials, products and solutions is the company distinctive feature allowing to meet the growing requirements of the most critical applications for any kind of packed products.

Effegidi invested to improve quality and hygiene in the working areas. In our plant we work with high quality standards which guarantee food safety by applying HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles specific to the food packaging sector.


Company Profile

  • Airline Ready Meal Packaging

    The ready-meal market is conquering more and more consumers. Within the large-scale retail, the ready-meals departments have an ever-increasing role.

    The materials used to pack such goods must adapt to different temperatures (normally they are placed in ovens both traditional and microwave and in freezers) and they must have high transparency and shock resistance.

    We produce a range of products especially conceived for this.

  • Catering

    Catering is born to satisfy the need of serving food far away from the place where food is prepared.

    Often meals are prepared in single portions, more and more often menus change, following carefully the various needs of consumers: for example, meals for celiacs, vegetarians etc.

    The most important thing is that the container is very well-sealed to avoid food spillage and to keep the meal safe during transportation.

  • Flow Pack

    Choosing the right material to pack your dry products such as bread, cereals, pasta, rice and so on, is defined by the brilliance and by the resistance of the chosen material.

    The product must attract the consumer (brilliance) but it also has to withstand shocks, since they are often packed in flow packs and therefore do not have the protection of a rigid packaging.

  • Heat Shrink

    From many years, we supplied companies that package ham and/or cheese with shrinking or vacuum machines.

    SHRINK BAGGY is a range of polyolefin-based bags with heat-shrinkage properties.

    • Very good sealing properties and strong hold. Sealant layer PE
    • Very good oxygen and water vapor barrier properties
    • Different size available, with round bottom seal, longitudinal bottom seal or side seal
    • Very good resistance to puncture and good mechanical properties due to the PA layer
  • Vacuum Sealed

    BAGGY 3V is a range of bags made of coextruded polyamide and polyethylene film, recommended for vacuum packaging.

    Typical applications are for cured ham cheese, fish, fresh or processed meat packaging.

    • Very good sealing properties and strong hold. Sealant layer PE
    • Suitable for use with chamber vacuum machines
    • Good gas barrier properties
    • Good optical properties
    • Different size available
    • Very good resistance to puncture and good mechanical properties due to the PA layer

    LAYERFILM 0X0S, PA/PE based films, are recommended for vacuum packaging and MAP packaging.

    Suitable for packaging of edged food products (e.g. products with bones, crusts etc.)

  • Thermoforming

    BOTTOMFILM: is a range of products ideal for thermoforming machine.

    • 030 is a range of solvent-less amorphous polyester and polyethylene laminates with barrier effect, recommended for bottom application for food trays with a medium-high shelf life.
    • 060 PP/EVOH/PP
    • 0X0 PA/PE ideal for vacuum process
    • 050 PS

    Typical applications are for cold cuts, cheese, fresh pasta or fresh food.

  • Certifications

    Effegidi has managed to create an organizational and productive method approved by all major certifiers authorities.

    • ISO 9001:2015


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