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Aircraft Cockpit Systems And Cabin Interior Solutions

Diehl Aerosystems is one of five corporate divisions in the Diehl Group, a German family-run enterprise with business fields in several industries and a workforce of more than 13,000 employees worldwide. All aviation activities within the Group are consolidated under the auspices of Diehl Aerosystems. With its four business units, Diehl Aerospace, Diehl Aircabin, Diehl Comfort Modules, and Diehl Service Modules, Diehl Aerosystems comprises a broad and proficient network of enthusiastic aviation experts.

Diehl Aerosystems is a first-tier supplier for avionics and cabin integration, and is an important partner for the international aviation industry. Its customers include major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, and Embraer, as well as manufacturers of military programs such as the Tornado, Eurofighter, and A400M.

The integrated product spectrum of Diehl Aerosystem comprises a variety of avionics systems and cabin elements. Diehl Aircabin’s product portfolio embraces high-quality synthetic components and cabin fittings for commercial aircraft, including overhead baggage bins, rest rooms for the crew, and parts for the air ducting. The Diehl Aerospace business unit provides both avionics solutions as well as cabin lighting and cabin electronics. Diehl Comfort Modules develops and manufactures on-board toilets and washrooms. The Diehl Service Modules business unit rounds off the joint aviation portfolio with galleys for passenger aircraft and VIP jets.

With a wide range of customer support services relating to maintenance and repairs, Diehl Aerosystems provides the essential quality of service required by day-to-day flight operations around the globe.

Diehl Aerosystems’ latest addition is retrofitting – comprehensive solution packages for aircraft converting. In the future, construction kits for replacing cabin fittings and extensive upgrading measures for avionics equipment will be available.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Systems - Flight & Engine Control Systems

    The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for flight control has long-time experience in the field of primary and secondary flight control. Among the CoE’s tasks is the development of basic technologies as well as the processing of research and technology programs up to product development of flight control computers and systems for civil and military aviation.

    Aircraft Systems – Avionics Platform

    Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) describes the principle of standardizing components and interfaces in hardware and software for the optimized integration of different system, control, and monitoring applications on one common computer platform. The principles of standardization and multiple use of functional units are applied here by combining computing as well as input and output functions to produce a standardized computer platform (IMA). Since the computer resources are partitioned at varying times, it is possible to integrate several different control and monitoring applications on one computer platform. This development of specific partial solutions favors a more efficient use of the hardware and its resources. This is reflected in a reduction in weight, the resulting lower fuel consumption, as well as in declining operational and maintenance costs.

    Aircraft Systems – Utility Systems

    Diehl Aerospace develops and produces a variety of solutions in the field of cabin and utility systems for civil and military platforms. These include door control, the Integrated Modular Avionics system, flight control, and control systems for cabin lighting.

  • Safety & Supply Systems

    In critical situations, it is essential that emergency systems operate reliably. In order to evacuate an aircraft quickly, a minimum level of brightness in the cabin is of utmost importance to allow passengers and crew to find their bearings. Emergency exit signs must also be clearly recognizable at all times. Many Diehl Aerospace products in the area of cabin safety were recently improved or completely redesigned. As the entire product line is of vital importance in an emergency situation, it is produced with meticulous attention to detail and is constantly being improved.


  • Interior Lighting Systems

    In the field of cabin lighting, Diehl Aerospace has now enjoyed considerable success for many years. Having established itself as a reliable and innovative supplier of cabin lighting systems to all the major aircraft manufacturers, Diehl Aerospace currently has an outstanding reputation the world over. The special requirements of the aviation industry make the development and production of cabin lighting systems an ever-changing challenge. The primary concern of all lighting concepts is the passengers’ comfort and their associated feeling of well-being. It goes without saying, however, that aspects of fire protection, energy consumption, and heat generation must also be considered.

    Cabin Interiors – Air Distribution Systems

    We at Diehl Aircabin have been relying for years on state-of-the-art technologies that enable the use of carbon fiber and fiberglass plastics for even the most complex geometries. We develop systems that are implemented extremely efficiently and according to the highest recognized standards of quality as part of a single-stage production process. So air ducting from Diehl Aircabin outlasts the life cycle of an aircraft with no maintenance work whatsoever. Only the filter elements have to be regularly checked, overhauled, and, if necessary, replaced. Our developers’ impressive range of expertise is clearly demonstrated by the honeycomb design of individual components. Special sound-muffling and air-conducting techniques make the air-conditioning solutions from Diehl Aircabin the quietest of their kind.

    Cabin Interiors – Crew Rest Compartments

    Safe and comfortable travel is only possible if the crew on duty is well rested and focused. To meet this ever more stringent requirement of airlines and in the interests of their passengers, Diehl Aircabin has in recent years developed numerous innovative concepts that have since become essential standards for many airlines. As a first-tier supplier, we work hard on developing and producing stationary aircraft crew rest compartments boasting an array of convenient and practical features. In these fully air-conditioned compartments, the pilots and cabin crew have the opportunity to recover on long-haul flights. Besides the attractive interior design, which makes the most of the limited space, the optional use of in-flight entertainment and variable lighting concepts also help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Cabin Interiors - Floor-to-Floor / Lining

    In conjunction with the Group’s Diehl Aerospace, Diehl Comfort Modules, and Diehl Service Modules units, Diehl Aircabin is the leading floor-to-floor specialist for system solutions, which are characterized by a range of synergy effects. Wherever individual components are in use, our developers never lose sight of the entire cabin system. A typical example of this networking approach to work are the window shades from Diehl Aircabin, which first need the integrated control unit from Diehl Aerospace before they become a single, highly functional system. Today, most cabin elements can only be shrewdly developed and produced when various electronic systems and functions are taken into consideration. The consistent transfer of knowledge between all development teams involved helps to avoid potential problems well in advance and enables us to considerably reduce development cycles.

    Cabin Interiors – Comfort Modules

    Diehl Comfort Modules’ extensive range in the toilet segment boasts state-of-the-art design and intelligent functionality. Standardized and yet totally individual: Besides the high-quality basic features, a whole host of optional extras are also available. So today’s individually equipped toilets from Diehl Comfort Modules are effectively a new interpretation of the term “standard”. All Diehl Comfort Modules products set new standards in terms of their weight optimization and acknowledged high degree of reliability.

    Cabin Interiors – Service Modules

    Whether a cabin meets the demanding requirements of everyday use year after year is not infrequently determined by ingenious minor details. A variety of special small components in the cabin make all the difference. The Diehl Service Modules segment for monuments encompasses solutions for small storage areas (doghouses), dividing walls (partitions), and complex storage cupboards (stowages), or even modern Business Class bars. The creative range of Diehl Service Modules solutions in high-quality cabin fittings covers a broadly based spectrum of wide-ranging customer requirements.

    Cabin Interiors – VIP Furniture

    The 1999-founded VIP division has so far equipped numerous jets for governments, international companies, and VIPs. Besides custom-designed linings, the Diehl Aircabin product range includes elegant furnishings, such as tables, side ledges, credenzas, surrounds, and other interior features. Individually manufactured partitions can also be used to create separate zones and reorganize areas.


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