Coolike Refreshing Towels

Oshibori Guest Amenity Towels for well-being and refreshment on board

Airline guest amenities like Oshibori Wellness towels, refreshing towels, wet wipes, hot towels, functional towels and aircraft cleaning items like ready-to-use cleaning wipes, disinfection wipes for hands and surfaces, stain removal wipes

Coolike is your full-service provider of customizable airline guest amenities, such as premium Oshibori Wellness towels made from terry as well as hot towels, well-being towels, fine refreshment towels made from cotton and other kinds of wet wipes made from non-woven materials, functional towels such as revitalizing towels, unique Aroma Towels with Bachflower mixtures and more.

Furthermore Coolike manufactures practical ready-to-use products for the in-between cleaning and hygiene on board such as stain remover wipes, hand and surface disinfection, multimedia cleaning items etc.

Company Profile

  • Coolike Oshibori Wellness Towel – a luxury guest amenity

    Serving hot towels has a long tradition in the hospitality industry. Coolike Oshibori Wellness towels in customizable and reusable single sachets are unique.

    • The fine terry quality is saturated with lots of refreshing and soothing liquid.
    • With zip-fastener for reusability
    • Suitable for warm and cold application


    • with Aloe Vera
    • with a classic men’s fragrance

    This well-being product takes the user away for a perfect moment of relaxation and refreshment. For warm application, just place the packet in the microwave for a few seconds.

    Coolike Oshibori Wellness Towels provide a memorable guest experience!

  • Coolike Refreshing towels – nothing is as refreshing as the original!

    Coolike refreshing towels are more than just simple wet wipes. They are available in natural cotton which makes them particularly skin-friendly.

    The refreshing formulation contains NO ALCOHOL, thus it does not dry out the skin and can be used in the sun without hesitation. Coolike refreshing towels do not contain parabens.

    Through their additional cleansing effect, these towels are incomparably useful for people on the go.

    Coolike towels are available in:

    • cotton
    • smooth non-woven
    • structured non-woven
    • 10 different fragrances, plus customized fragrances upon request
    • different packaging foils
    • different sachet formats

    Printed with the airline’s logo, a compliment or a short personal message, Coolike refreshing towels will stay in mind!

  • Forming a clear connection in the guest’s mind between the airline’s service quality and the service item

    Quality and functionality of a guest amenity are important features.

    • Coolike refreshing towels can add value to the service and enhance the guest’s loyalty.

    Thanks to the practical size of the sachet and the little weight, the item can easily be taken along, so that this personal guest experience is a lasting event, including the time after the stay on board.

    Coolike towels are ideal for ADVERTISING and ADVERTISEMENT PARTNERSHIPS as they can be customized.

    • Using the refreshing towel can be entertaining that’s why advertising on the sachet is a smart thing to do.
    • On our modern FLEXOPRINT machines the packaging foil can individually be printed with up to 8 colours in HD quality.

    Please ask us for more information.

  • Functional towels focus on particular areas of applications to strengthen physical and mental well-being

    Coolike’s range of refreshing products is complemented by selected functional towels with health benefit for body and mind:

    • Re-Vitalizer towels contain invigorating aromatic substances, on hand to rescue those feeling the strain.
    • Muscle Tonic or leg comfort towels with French brandy invigorate and give tired legs a new lease of life.
    • Aroma Towels with Bachflower mixtures contain the most effective medicinal plants known to natural medicine.
    • Moisturizing towels with valuable Aloe Vera

    It is easy to set special service accents with the Coolike functional towel series!

  • Hygiene on board – essential and indispensable

    Virologists recommend washing the hands several times a day to prevent infectious diseases.

    This is even more important at places where many people come together from all over the world.

    Coolike offers smart cleaning and disinfection solutions for the use on board and on ground

    The hygiene range contains:

    • Disinfection wipes for hands and surfaces, proven protection against bacteria, fungi and special viruses*, e.g. Coronaviruses.
      *limited virucidal PLUS according to EN 14476
    • Stain removal wipes, swift and effective
    • Multimedia cleaning wipes for screens, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, e-readers etc.
  • Welcome to our world of freshness, fragrance and function

    Coolike-Regnery GmbH has been founded more than 35 years ago and is based in Germany.

    All production steps are combined under one roof:

    • Product development and quality assurance
    • Private label production
    • Contract packaging
    • Graphic/design
    • Printhouse
    • Production and filling
    • Warehousing
    • Delivery

    Coolike company group has an implemented quality management system and manufactures over 100 million towels per year. The formulations are developed in conformity with EU-regulations.

    • No matter if original or customized Coolike products are chosen – the users benefit from safe, ready-to-use, proven quality made in Germany.

    We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.

Company News


OUR NEW GENERATION OF PACKAGING IS RELEASED Neat soft packs with 15 refreshing tissues made of smooth BIODEGRADABLE 100 % non-woven material of highest cosmetic quality. Saturated with an exciting refreshing liquid. Packaging with re-sealable closure …


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