Conscious Water

Flower Essences for Water Enabling Better Hydration and Well-being

Flying can be stressful, relaxing, tiring, exciting and most commonly a combination of all of these!

Our goal is to help your customers to be at peace emotionally and ready to embark on their new journey.

Conscious Water is a truly innovative brand pioneering a new beverage category called: “Mindful Hydration”, combining handpicked Flower Essences and Water enabling positive state of mind and inner wealth.

Our brand vision is to raise self -awareness, help people to connect with nature and reconnect with-in: When we are emotionally balanced our health improves and we simply feel good which ripples onto our surroundings.

Flower Essences are known for their therapeutic properties, gently resonating on a deep emotional and mental level, where imbalance starts. This is part of our holistic approach, the Mind – Body connection that is crucial to our sense of well-being.

We call the different blends of essences Intensions. Our range of intensions is designed to address different aspects of our daily lives, let alone when flying around the world:

  • Sleep better, focused, energy, be open hearted, joyous and calm
  • Each Intentions is a unique blend of 3 flowers all naturally flavoured
  • Served in a premium single Hi Tech sachet
  • When added to any drinking water, they create an enjoyable – fresh and tasty – mindful experience.
  • We promote sustainability with reduced carbon footprint and less plastic
  • Our Hi-Tech packaging opens with one hand, without efforts and is suitable for all and all conditions
  • Safe for all ages

We have been successful in integrating our products into private jet companies and luxury hotel brands, we create the sense that the company providing them is taking a step towards caring about the well-being of their customers.

We are a UK based company.

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Thank you!

Company Profile

  • Onboard Serving Options

    Would you like your passengers to be relaxed? simply happy? Rejuvenate upon arrival? And much more…

    We at Conscious Water understand how important the passenger’s travel experience is

    We believe our Intentions are the best fit to indulge and demonstrate true care for one’s health and well being

    We invite you to step forward, join us and create the perfect MIND SET for your customers:

    One of a Kind Premium Complementary

    • to be served as a welcome treat or to be integrated into inflight routine

    First-Class / Business class Amenities Kit

    • Choose any combination of our selected Intention: LOVE, HAPPINESS, SWEET DREAMS, CLARITY, REJUVENATION, SERENITY

    On Board Retail

    • Single Serve as part of the Food and Beverage Menu, for example: Serve HAPPINESS with water.
    • In flight Duty Free: Extend the experience beyond the flight, Conscious Water is a beautiful gift to take home

    Inflight catering, meals and desserts

    • Our Intentions can be served alongside any meal or dessert

    Conscious water natural formula is vegan with no artificial preservatives, caffeine and sugar free

  • Natural solutions for de-stress, Jet Lag Recovery and rehydration

    Air travel can be stressful, physically and mentally demanding.

    We encourage you to be pro-active and take care of yourself, your passengers and your employees:

    • Rehydration: Drink plenty of water before, after and during flights
    • Conscious Water is fresh and tasty and easy to use with any water
    • De-stress: Calm your mind, unwind, feel at peace and tranquil with Conscious Water SERENITY Intention
    • The main symptoms of jet lag can include tiredness and exhaustion, difficulty sleeping at bedtime and poor sleep quality, concentration problems

    For jet lag recovery we would highly recommend:

    SWEET DREAMS: Drift into a restful and restorative sleep with a soothing glass of Sweet Dreams.

    REJUVENATION: Lift your spirit and feel renewed, vital and energised

    CLARITY: Increase your focus on what is important here and now

  • Airport Retail: Gifting / Duty Free / Lounges / Restaurants & Bars

    With airports starting to offer Yoga and Meditation zones, it is only natural to integrate Conscious Water Ethos as we are committed at heart to educate about the benefits of wellness and travelling.

    • Lounges, Restaurants & Bars: Conscious Water is a great way to practice – on the go- Mindfulness – just before taking off.
    • Airport gifting / Duty Free: Give the gift of Conscious Water to your loved ones with our beautiful designed packs.
  • Training for your employees

    It is important for us that the employees will understand and appreciate Conscious Water’s rich ethos and motivation. As part of our service we are more than happy to conduct training and share our knowledge of the Flower Essences and Lifestyle and all information required to be able successfully deliver our products

    Please consider us – as part of your team!

    Flower Essences for Water Enabling Better Hydration and Well-being


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