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Airline Security Seals, Catering Cart Seals, Tamper Evident Security Seals

Cambridge Security Seals is a manufacturer and distributer of a wide range of Airline Security Seals for the airport, airline, and air transportation industry.

Cambridge Security Seals, a privately-held enterprise headquartered in Pomona, New York, offers an extensive line of tamper evident, tamper resistant, and high-security loss prevention Airline Security Seals to customers across a wide range of industries. The company’s dedication to uncompromising quality, dedicated customer service, and outstanding value provides a blueprint for reliability and security.

Cambridge Security Seals’ commitment to technology, quality standards, and attention to detail fuels its drive to provide security-conscious customers with the products and services they demand from an industry leader.

The backbone of Cambridge Security Seals is a diversified team of technical experts and business professionals, including experienced engineering, design, production, and logistics specialists. This unique blend of management and production expertise enables the company to provide an unmatched level of value.

Company Profile

  • Plastic Adjustable Pull-Tight Security Seals

    CSS Plastic Adjustable Pull-Tight Security Seals are specifically designed to detect and deter theft or contamination by providing enhanced tamper evidence. CSS Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Pull Tight Security Seals are available in a variety of lengths, tensile strengths, flag sizes and colors.

    Plastic adjustable security seals are often used on food & beverage carts, duty-free trolleys, hatches, life jackets, fire extinguishers, tote boxes, medical boxes and cabinets.

    The Medium Duty Pull-Tight with Tear-off option is a popular choice for the food and beverage cart. The seal is placed and documented on a food and beverage cart before it leaves catering. The seal number is checked by a flight attendant when it arrives on the plane to assure the catering cart hasn’t been compromised in route.

    All Cambridge Security Seals can be customized with airline logo, barcodes and numbering sequence making them the most customizable seals on the market today.

  • Plastic Fixed-Sized Security Seals

    CSS offers several styles of fixed-sized security seals.

    The Plastic Truck Seal (PTS) is a one-time use 7.5-inch plastic strap seal and a popular choice when transporting cargo. Comes in mats of 20 seals and with CSS’s unique Clean Break DesignTM ensuring individual seals detach from the strip without plastic waste. This added feature is both environmentally friendly and reduces costs.

    The Twin Tote Seal (TTS) is the perfect choice when airlines need to have two same-sized fixed seals with the identical numbers. The TTS innovative manufacturing process enable seals to be made in quarter-inch increments achieving the perfect fit for your tote boxes. It’s available in 13 different fixed lengths ranging from 3.75” to 7.5” making it the most customizable tote seal on the market.

    Both the Plastic Truck Seal and the Twin Tote Seal can be customized with your choice of color, company logo, barcode and variable number making them the most customizable seals you can buy.

  • Tamper Evident Security Tape and Labels - TampEv

    Cambridge Security Seals offers a full line of tamper evident tape and labels (TampEv) for the airline industry. Tamper evident tape and labels are often the security seal choice for use on aircraft doors when planes are parked.  They are also used on inflight catering carts, inspection panel, duty free packages, boxes and luggage.  A VOID message is shown when tampering has occurred.

    The non-residue TampEv labels can be customized to your specifications including logos, messages, consecutive numbering, and barcodes. Labels come in rolls of 1,000. The size of stock label is 1” x 3” on blue or red material. Custom sizes, colors, shapes and roll quantities can be made to specifications.

  • Metal Seals, Cable Seals, Bolt Seals and Strap Seals

    Cable seals are often used on high-value airline cargo such as duty free trolleys and shipping containers. CSS Cable Seals are constructed with a highly visible aluminum alloy body and with tamper-proof non-preformed galvanized cable.

    Cable seals are available in 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 3.5mm, and 5.0mm widths and come in three standard colors; red, blue and black. In addition, Cambridge Security Seals is unsurpassed in customization options including cable length, logos, printed information, variable numbers and barcodes.

    Bolt seals are high security ISO 17712 certified and CTPAT compliant security seal designed to safeguard high value cargo. The seal features a carbon steel body and ABS plastic coating for tamper evident visibility. To increase security, the body and bolt are laser etched with matching numbers.

    Strap Seals are fixed-length durable tinplate bands designed to provide an economical solution for securing cargo in storage and transit. Strap Seals are available with a flat or ball closure and can be embossed with company name and consecutive numbers.

  • CSS Plastic Adjustable One Piece Padlock

    Cambridge Security Seals manufactures padlock seals to meet your specific security needs that call for this unique solution. These tamper-evident padlock seals are ideal for securing meters, cabinets, catering carts, and drums.

    CSS padlock seals are available with either standard or extended flags, ensuring you the ideal print area for security, branding, or other messaging content. As with most CSS seals, you can select from a wide variety of colors, barcoding, and other enhancements to add extra layers of security and protection.

    The CSS Plastic Adjustable One Piece Padlock is specifically designed to indicate whether the locked item has been compromised. It is made from high-grade polypropylene for greater durability in extreme weather.

    It features a high-temperature resistant locking chamber. A Clean Break Design ensures individual seals detach from the strip without plastic waste. Choice of light or medium weight with standard or extended flag options. Seven standard colors or custom colors are available.


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