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Aircraft Structure and Cabin Development Solutions

The Bertrandt Group has been providing aircraft development solutions for the international aviation industry for more than 40 years.

Proven expertise for the aviation industry

The aviation market is characterised by dynamics and competition. Bertrandt offers comprehensive services to support our customers from the aviation industry in addressing these challenges. Our range of services includes the entire value-added chain of product development – from the initial concept right through to production and assembly as well as supporting services for series-production aircraft. Our engineering know-how is complemented for each individual project by an internal network of experienced aviation experts (“Senior Experts”) and regionally active specialists. Bertrandt supports its customers individually and on-site. In the case of transnational projects, this also includes the integration of offshore resources.

Bertrandt advances lightweight engineering

Bertrandt covers wide areas of aircraft development: from system, component, structure and cabin development to the interfaces between manufacturing and development (Manufacturing Engineering). And our expertise is being continuously expanded as we use the synergies between aircraft and vehicle development to the benefit of both industries, for example lightweight design, electronics and seat development. Bertrandt has achieved a special status among the international competition in the fields of GRP development and simulation methodology in particular.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Structure Development

    When it comes to primary structures such as wings, fins and fuselages, Bertrandt is a recognised partner with its teams of specialists in metal and composites technology. We successfully apply our many years of specialisation in lightweight construction using fibre composite materials in the development of structural components in aircraft engineering. Through a targeted expansion of our expertise in the design, simulation and production of fibre composite systems, Bertrandt generates added value along the entire product development chain. Today, our expertise is passed on in training courses on the entire product development process using lightweight engineering.

    • Development of primary and secondary structures: Fins, Wing shells, Fuselage sections, System carriers
    • Design and concept development
    • Creation of production-relevant data
    • Optimisation of fibre composite systems
    • Lightweight metal construction
    • Calculation and simulation (fibre composite and metal)
    • Interface management
    • Training in the fields of: Design of fibre composites, GRP-compliant construction, CAD
  • Aircraft Cabin Development

    In addition to design, two particularly important areas in the development of aircraft cabins are passenger comfort and weight. We support our customers in the fields of innovation and design, architecture and integration, specification and 3D development, supplier management and production support.

    • Renderings
    • Technology scouting
    • Concept and feasibility studies
    • Ergonomics/Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Compilation of specifications
    • Package definition and component development
    • Definition and coordination of relevant interfaces
    • Supplier management
    • Production support
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
    • Retrofit
    • Mock-up/functional models
    • Electronics/system/equipment development
    • Quality assurance
    • Lean engineering
  • System Development and Integration

    Bertrandt is your ideal partner for the development and integration of mechanical and electrical systems in aircraft engineering. Our highly qualified employees combine knowledge of components and systems with quality-oriented process management – throughout the entire development cycle. Due to the increasing complexity of aircraft systems, many of the functions designed for passenger safety and comfort cannot be implemented without the use of electrical systems. In this field, Bertrandt develops and integrates such systems as cable networks, harnesses, guides and retainers using 3D tools.

    • Functional design of electrical systems (PD, WD, BD) incl. pin assignment
    • System layout concepts (IRIS)
    • Development and integration of cable harnesses and devices in the fuselage and cabin (E3D, EHI)
    • Virtual product management
    • Interface management in the field of electrical systems and mechanical systems, primary/secondary structure and cabin
    • Development of metallic milled and bent components for installation and integration concepts for the primary structure
    • Weight reduction concepts in the field of installation and integration design
    • Creation of cable harness-related installation documents
    • Development and maintenance of databases
    • Electric system architecture to increase the proportion of standard components and reduce the optional proportions in the field of ESI (electrical system integration.)
    • Concept design for the standardisation of installation components (standard parts)
  • Aircraft Production Services

    We apply our experience in design and construction as well as our knowledge of aviation-specific requirements in order to provide optimum support for our customers at the interface between development and manufacturing. The focus is above all on speed and implementation orientation. Within the framework of change and process management, we are able to apply our extensive experience of design and construction to series production in an optimum manner.

     Support for system integration in the laboratory and aircraft:

    • Development process management
    • In-service support for series-production aircraft
    • Development of logistics concepts
    • Assembly support
    • Product support
    • Final assembly line support
    • NC processing/processing of DQNs, approvals
    • Testing
    • MAP support


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