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Jams, Marmalades, Spreads, Honey and Savoury Condiments for Airlines

The history of Belberry began when my father André Vandererfven acquired a small gourmet store, dating from the end of the 19th century, in the West Flemish city of Kortrijk, Belgium. He started producing fruit preserves for the local market.

In 1990, I took over the business, expanded homemade production and began exporting the delicious preserves globally.

Our hotel range is made up of a fine selection of our most popular jams, marmalades, spreads, honey, and savoury condiments. From our classic, fruity strawberry jam and mouth-watering chocolate spread, to our flavoursome mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard delights, these small jars are the ideal start to a perfect day. You will find these breakfast-size treasures residing in the dining rooms of the world’s finest hotels and resorts.

Today, you will find Belberry’s unique products in the world’s finest department stores, hotels and delis. Nothing beats the exquisite taste of traditionally made food, carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and utmost love.


Hotel Treasures – Jams – 28g & Sticks 20g

Our Finest Selection For Breakfast With A Difference

The traditional recipes of each of the Belberry jams were crafted a very long time ago. Since then, they have been carefully guarded. After all, they are our treasures.

The classic jams, with their exquisite taste achieved by using 55% of high quality fruit and the finest sugars will enchant the more subtle palates. As ever, nothing but the best.









Hotel Treasures – Condiments – 30g

Sophisticated & Exquisite

We lovingly created these “small” condiments to satisfy foodies everywhere. In order to achieve these flavoursome little jars, we carefully choose each and every ingredient.

Try our savoury condiments on cheese-topped burgers, with grilled meat or as dipping sauce for your French fries, beyond delicious!

The flavoursome mayonnaise, the sweet tomato ketchup or the mustard delight will ravish all the devoted food lovers.








Hotel Treasures - Spreads - 28g

Breakfast With The Finest Spreadables

The sweet taste of our Acacia Honey and the strong notes of our chocolate spread will ravish the sweet palates. You can taste them on a toast or with a spoon.

These small jars are a must to every breakfast. You can find our luxurious preserves in the world’s finest hotels and resorts.



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