Adhesive Solutions for Aircraft

ADHETEC has engineered and patented premium aeronautic adhesive foils dedicated to aircraft liveries and cabin customization.

News : Licensing Agreement between Boeing and Adhetec

We are an authorized vendor for BOEING tech marking Part Numbers.

EXTERIOR 13880® Adhesive foils engineered to last. Qualified by all major OEMs

Adhemark® – Durable mandatory technical markings

Adhecal® – Permanent liveries, flags and logos decals

Adhetec expert team can also offer on-site support and training to your staff, or totally manage the installation for you at the location of your choice.

Adhetec offers a standard delivery time of 4 weeks for your livery projects. However, if your project is urgent, we may often provide shorter lead time, on case per case basis. As an OEM Tier 1 supplier, we operate a robust ISO EN9100 certified industrial organization – click to learn more about who we are or to find out more about customising your aircraft.

INTERIOR – Self-adhesive foils for a cost efficient customization

Adheskin 13915® and 13930 – Interior decorative foils with unlimited design possibilities
– Compliant with FST and heat release cabin requirements (FAR 25.853)

Adhemark® 13900, 13910 and 13911 – Silk screen or digital printed interior placards

  • With our adhesive solutions we enable faster and easier aircraft decoration operations without the need of a paint mod. while delivering outstanding, repeatable & durable graphics.
  • Our customers are OEMs, Airlines, MROs, Design Organisations, and aircraft Leasing Companies. Our sales representatives are located on every continent, close to you, working on the same time zone.
  • We understand all the technical constraints and can support our customers all the way in transforming their graphic design projects into proper aviation-compliant aircraft decoration.


A full range of proprietary solutions to protect, mask, assemble and customize your products

Protection – aeronautic films and foams designed to protect against scratches or heavier damages during manufacture, assembly, transport and maintenance.
Available in rolls, sheets or tailored pieces that will fit into your process and specific applications

Adhemask – A wide range of custom made solutions to support your masking protection requirements during your processes: sanding shot blasting, stripping, painting and sealant operations.

Adhesecure – Seal and secure your work areas
Detect and mark any non-conformities
Foreign object detection

Company Profile


    Our extensive range of standard and custom-made products ready to install on the aircraft exterior includes:

    13880® film series
    The 13880® exterior film series was developed and qualified by major OEMs to provide a durability similar to paint, and to offer an alternative to avoid paint mod to support exterior decorative applications.

    -Compatible with all paint systems
    -Unlimited designs
    -Can be installed on all zones of the aircraft, even on curved areas
    -Secured supply chain and operations

    livery, logo and flag decals
    Adhecal® 13880® → OEM qualified permanent & temporary livery decals
    -Temporary livery decals
    Permanent liveries, flags and logos decals life expectancy similar to paint when encapsulated into clear coat- No design & graphic limitations
    -Improvement flow time and reduction of down time

    Dedicated to the following applications:
    Logo and livery branding
    Partial or full tail branding
    Country flag and registration
    Winglets/sharklets decals
    Airline URL decal

    Adhemark® 13880® → OEM qualified technical markings
    – Durable mandatory technical markings, Resistant to hydrofluids, UVs and kerosene

    – Extensive library
    to produce single/dual language labels as spares or kits for all aircraft types

    ADHEFORM®: Livery spray masks & mylar positioning tools


    Our extensive range of standard and custom-made products ready to install on the aircraft interior includes:

    Adhesive interior decoration foils:
    Adheskin® 13915 and 13930 → Interior decorative foils with unlimited design possibilities and easy to apply on cabin monuments
    Compliant with FST and heat release cabin requirements (FAR 25.853)
    Short lead time & NO minimum order quantity

    Adhemark® 13900; 13911 & 13912 → placard base material with white backing printable digitally for the realization in your graphic store of permanent cabin interior placards that meets FAR 25.853

    13423 / 13424 → small stickers for cabin on-board advertising for all types of surfaces (grained and smooth)

    10447 → Clear foil as window dust panel stickers

    Dedicated to the following applications:
    Permanent or temporary self-adhesive cabin decoration: partition walls and class dividers, overhead bins, lavatories…
    Interior placards spares & shipsets
    On board advertising (overhead bins/ tray tables)
    Promotional customization of the window dust panels

Company News

ADHETEC, exhibitor at Aircraft Interiors Hamburg

Come and meet us during the Aircraft Interiors Expo from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2019 in Hamburg booth #6D70E. Discover ADHESKIN®, our ultra-performant adhesive solution for a customized cabin. Design your interior without …

ADHESKIN: Introducing our new cabin interior decorative foil at Aircraft Interiors Expo Boston!

Join us at booth 411 to discover the product range and available design collection.

The big day has come : Air France has launched JOON

Electric JOON ! Once again, Air France partnered with Adhetec and chose Adhecal 13880® decals to retrofit Air France aircrafts to fly the new JOON livery. Adhecal ® is the best product to support a tight schedule …


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