ABC International

Aircraft Cabin Interiors Engineering Services and Branding Specialist

Aviation Business Consultants International Srl, i.e. ABC INTERNATIONAL, is a Company providing qualified Aviation Engineering and Certification Services, for Airlines and OEM’s.

ABC INTERNATIONAL is a full DOA approved company by EASA (EASA.21J.529). Specialists in Aviation Engineering and Certification Services and able to certify and approve under EASA any minor modification to aircraft cabin by means of Service Bulletin/Engineering Order.

We can apply, certify and approve minor as well as major changes and STC for aircraft modifications and design changes (including all the necessary relevant installations).

ABC International Product & Service Capability List:

  1. LOPA reconfiguration/modification;
  2. Galley/lavatory/monuments removal and/or installation;
  3. Aircraft external livery definition and change approval;
  4. Increase/decrease of pax seats (from single class to mixed class and vice-versa);
  5. Design, manufacturing and certification of installation of new cabin equipment (seat covers and cushions, cabin curtains, carpet and decorative crest);
  6. Design, manufacturing and certification of installation of new cabin monuments (fixed and movable class divider, stowage and dog-house);
  7. 2nd hand seats procurement and refurbishment activities;
  8. IFE systems installation;
  9. Cabin Interiors and seat modification and upgrade engineering services.

Company Profile

  • Branding Elements and Decorative Crest

    ABC INTERNATIONAL is glad to highlight its capability in design, manufacturing, certification and installation approval of ABC Decorative Crest for airline cabins.

    Airline logo Decorative Crest is the best solution to strength the company image and give a sensible company brand awareness towards passengers. ABC Decorative Crest is a fully airworthy and certified product and it is accompanied by PTS and EASA Form One.

    Starting from the company brand logo ABC is able to develop a dedicated 3D design style proposal and once approved the final design, industrialize it for manufacturing and deliver the decorative crest ready for installation with all relevant hardware, EASA approved data and Form One. Any different design is always consistent with company visual identity and it is conceived to be manufactured and approved in accordance to a jointly defined product specification.

  • Leather Seat Covers Cleaning Service

    Airplane seats are always subject to wear and tear and the airlines must resolve this issue that is often expensive and pesky. ABC INTERNATIONAL offers the cleaning service of the leather seat covers at a very competitive price and with the long time experience of their specialized workers that always provide a very well-made job with warranty of professionalism.

    This service is ideal for all low cost airlines who follow a cost saving policy giving the chance to refresh the seats without changing the overall ship-set.

    The cleaning procedure is made in order to smooth leather surface, the final result is a totally recovered seat cover.

  • Cabin Monuments

    Our manufacturing capability includes: moveable and fixed class dividers, partitions, stowage & dog-houses.

    Our products are all made out of lightweight, reliable and aesthetically pleasing materials.

    All Monuments can be equipped with:

    • Provisions for LCD screen & for literature pocket
    • Drawer, clothes rail, dog-house and compartment floor
    • Provided with EO & EASA form one
    • Personalization: external decorative laminate and decorative crest
  • Cabin Layout Modifications/ Part 21J Engineering Services

    ABC international provides qualified engineering and managerial services to the aviation industry, with regards to cabin interiors, being a full DOA approved company by EASA (EASA.21J.529)

    With a full spectrum of engineering capabilities, ABC INTERNATIONAL is well positioned to be an integrator of various interior systems. From discussing conceptual requirements, to detail design and interface reviews, ABC INTERNATIONAL integrates our customers’ requirements to ensure end-to-end solutions that cater to their specific operational needs. This translates into less aircraft downtime for Airlines, Aircraft Leasing Companies and MROs who are looking for turnkey solutions, engineering services and certifications.

    ABC INTERNATIONAL endorses his customers with a full package approach, supporting them for design to installation. ABC INTERNATIONAL supports small and medium sized airlines with regard to all cabin interiors related products such as:

    Cabin refurbishment, carpet, seat covers, cushions, and aesthetics/cosmetics OEMs and/or PMA parts, curtains, class dividers, small monuments as stowage and doghouses, decorative crest logo, maintenance and refurbishment of cabin interiors.

  • Espresso Trolley Maker

    The idea behind the Trolley Espresso Maker is to enable airlines serving freshly brewed espresso coffee to all passengers across the cabin while they are comfortably seated in their seat during their flight time. the Trolley Espresso Maker is an internationally patented product and will be of course released to airlines fully airworthy with relevant release certificate by means of an STC approved with EASA under ABC INTERNATIONAL responsibility.

    The product is developed by ABC INTERNATIONAL in cooperation with Italian coffee producers.

  • Engineering Service Capabilities Under EASA Approval Part.21.J (529)

    • Seat Installation and Cabin Layout Reconfiguration
    • External Livery Scheme Approval
    • Galley/lavatory/monuments removal and/or installation
    • Cabin interior items integration
    • Design, manufacturing and certification for installation of new cabin equipment (seat covers and cushions, cabin curtain, carpet etc…)
    • Partition, Class Divider, Dog-houses, Coat-rooms, Stowage and other monuments design, manufacturing and certification
    • 2nd hand seats procurement and refurbishment activities
    • IFE systems installation
    • PSU Layouts
    • Emergency Equipment Layouts
    • Interior Placard Replacement
    • Minor Modification/Repair
    • Weight & Balance Calculations
    • 2D & 3D (CAD/Catia) engineering & design development for any new cabin equipment (mechanical & electrical)
    • FEM/FMEA/Stress analysis
    • Certification Programs planning and definition for new parts/equipment and new aircraft
    • Certification & Qualification Engineering (documents definition and preparation)
    • Technical Publication (CMM, IPL, IPC) and Maintenance program definition
    • Engineering support to Static and Dynamic/HIC Testing activities consisting of:
      • Static Test Plan (STP) and Static Test Report (STR)
      • Dynamic Test Plan and Test Report preparation once the related Static/Dynamic/HIC Tests shall be performed, if any
    • Engineering support to Flammability Test Plan (FTP) and Flammability Test Report (FTR) in accordance to FAR 25.853 (a) & (c) for new Products materials
    • Engineering support to Environmental, Life Cycle and Abuse Load Testing Activities aimed to guarantee reliability, durability and maturity standard of the product


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