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Darbo – The premium-class supplier for your breakfast solution

The Darbo family began producing fruit jams, fruit syrups and exquisite fruit liqueurs in 1879. Darbo gradually expanded their range of products and increased their share of both the food retail and restaurant markets to become the Austrian market leader in jams and honey – not least because of the loyalty of their customers.

Darbo has positioned itself as a premium manufacturer that produces a contemporary range of high-quality products. The secret to their past and current success lies in their exacting quality requirements and strict selection criteria for their ingredients. In addition, Darbo makes products for the restaurant trade and provides the processing industry with fruit preparations and bakery jams and supplies its products to 55 countries worldwide.


Company Profile

  • Mini jars 28g – Great taste in a small jar

    Darbo All Natural jams and honey are available in attractive mini jars designed specifically for the foodservice/airline industry.

    Darbo All Natural jams are based on an old family recipe. Just like back then, we only use high-quality fruit that is gently heated and stirred, thus preserving its natural flavour. The high fruit content of up to 55 % also ensures that our jams provide an unforgettable taste experience.

    To make our All Natural jams, we use fruit, sugar, lemon juice concentrate and the gelling agent pectin.

  • Portion cups 14g - Delicious ways to say “Good Morning”

    A great morning begins with a good breakfast. Darbo offers a wide range of handily pre-portioned fruit spreads and honey for caterer and airlines.

    Whether your guests favour the classics – apricot, strawberry and raspberry – or would prefer a blueberry or orange marmalade to make the start of their new day that little bit sweeter, Darbo is the right choice in any situation.


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