NEW Instant Turkish Coffee 100% Arabica from Dr. Suwelack

Company Dr. Suwelack
Date 07.03.2019

Dr. Suwelack NEW  Instant Turkish Coffee 100% Arabica

Taste The World – convenient and delicious

Freeze dried Coffee DUO 82920 Type Mocha Coffee


Experience a cup of Mocha without a long cooking process. Our new freeze dried coffee DUO 82920 is the key for enjoying a high quality Mocha on a convenient and delicious way. This coffee is made from pure Brazilian Arabica beans. We use our DUO technology to add 20% finely micro ground Brazil coffee from Rio Minas in order to grant a spectacularly aroma profile. Flavour wise you can expect a harmoniously balanced cup that has a typical strong and tart Rio Flavour.

Use one teaspoon (1,8g) of freeze-dried Mocha coffee to a small mocha cup.

Add hot water (around 60ml) and if desired add sugar & stir. Enjoy an authentic and wonderful Turkish Coffee instantly.


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