The TaxiBot®, (Taxiing Robot), is a unique proven solution – certified and ready to bring both ecological and economical ground operation savings to airlines and airports.

The TaxiBot® is a semi-robotic hybrid towing vehicle designed for taxiing airplanes from the boarding gate to the takeoff runway without the use of jet engine power.

The use of the TaxiBot® vehicle will have a significantly positive impact on the environment and airline expenditure:

  • Up to 85% reduction of fuel consumption during taxi.
  • Up to 85% reduction of CO2 and other noxious emission during taxi.
  • 60% reduction in noise pollution.
  • 50% reduction of FOD per takeoff.
  • Improves gate efficiency through the reduction of wasted time during engine start-up at the gate area, which not only affects the gate used, but also the nearest airplanes to the gates.
  • High-level aeronautic controller for command and control of overall system when operating with aircraft
  • Drive-by-wire all-wheels hydraulic steering
  • 2x 294kW T4i or 2x 257kW T3 Scania Diesel engines
  • Electric driveline transmission by Siemens
  • 2 Siemens generators 180 kW each
  • 6 inverters
  • 8 electric wheel motors 33 kW each, controlled by redundant controllers
  • Piloted Hydro pneumatic suspension
  • Fully redundant design
  • FAA and EASA certified for B737 (classic, NG) and for A320 (ceo and neo) family