Load Control


Ink Load Control is a part of the Ink ecosystem. It is the only DCS provider on the market which offers Centralised Load Control services.

Ink Load Control supports passenger aircraft, preighters, freighters, narrow and wide body as well as all types of communication tools – email / SMS / Type B / ACARS / EFB.

  • Automate the tedium
  • Deliver Loadsheets directly to Electronic Flight Bags (E.F.B.)
  • Dashboard for an overview of all flights
  • Quick-switching of flights
  • Allocate flights to staff
  • Automated optimisation of loads
  • LIR and Loadsheet Automation
  • Integrate with Ink DCS, Navitaire, Amadeus or your in-house DCS
  • Web Service to integrate other systems
  • Digitise the ramp with PDF documents
  • Digitise signatures
  • NOTOC, Cargo flights, mail and more
  • AHM Data Entry service – ensure all stations use up-to-date data
  • Inbuilt safety checks.

Streamline your operations – reduce your costs with Ink Load Control.

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