Individually Wrapped Cotton Wet Towels


FRNHZ Int. Airline Cotton Towel – a luxury guest amenity.

Our single use, pre-wrapped towels are a convenient and simple means of offering your clients the chance to refresh and cleanse. Use hot or cold, the towel is packaged in a poly-wrap sachet which is suitable for use in a towel warmer or microwave.

The towels have been carefully formulated and individually packaged and scented to ensure only the safest of ingredients are used which are kind to sensitive skin and fully compliant with EU Cosmetic Regulations. Our refreshing towels are more than just simple wet wipes. They are available in natural cotton which makes them particularly skin-friendly.

The refreshing formulation contains NO ALCOHOL, thus it does not dry out the skin and can be used in the plane without hesitation. Through their additional cleansing effect, these towels are incomparably useful for people on the go. Our top priority is to meet our client’s business demand so we can offer any of our product with following options.

  • Customise design with your Brand
  • Customise packaging with your Logo or name
  • Customise fragrance that you want
  • Custom Size
  • 100% Cotton
  • Any quantity
  • Frequent delivery
  • Dedicated 24/7 Service
  • Guaranteed best price compared to anywhere on the web
  • Price Match – We match price with any of our competitor