Environmental-friendly processes around the production of Unisto Security Seals


Environmental sustainable manufacturing

As international security seals manufacturer Unisto feels the responsibility to embrace environmental-friendly practices to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment.
That is the reason why since many years we are extending the green practices along the entire stretch of our value chain, expecting from our suppliers, for example, certified raw materials and packing conform to strict directives.

We are striving for leaving year by year marks on the planet which reflects our green practices.

We call our marks the “Unisto Green Footprint”.

Unisto’s commitment to the respect of the environment

The efficient use of our resources is the main focus of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We are keen on improving our products and processes, which drives us to continually seek for new solutions to preserve the environment with efficient manufacturing operations. We are proud of our achievements and proud to providing you with high quality manufactured security seals, produced in respect of the environment.

Please visit our dedicated page, to learn more about Unisto Green Footprint and our achievements.