Which technologies should Russian airlines and airports bet on for the near future?

Event Digital Aviation Forum 2019
Organiser ATO Events
Event Date 23.05.2019
Press Release Date 17.05.2019

Modern, innovative digital technologies for the civil aviation industry are plentiful, with new offer announcements delivered almost on a daily basis. Although some of these IT solutions may solve some of the current problems facing companies – and with many becoming obsolete before they are even in place – where does that leave us now?

Business development director Sayan Dorzhiev will reveal what are the best digital solutions for airports and airlines by sharing his views from Gartner – the premier research and consulting company – with participants at the Digital Aviation Forum.

There are no obvious and easy solutions. According to Daniil Kozlov, a partner of the Global Venture Alliance, first of all digitalisation is not just about introducing new technologies or digitising a number of processes – it usually requires a fundamental change within a company. “We are at a stage where most of the large Russian and foreign companies have already recognised the need or have even launched the processes of digitalisation and are working with innovations. But be aware that, at the same time, there are some big possible misunderstandings” which, according to Kozlov, include:

  • the tools by which this should be achieved;
  • building the structure that is needed for digitalisation;
  • culture changes that need to be implemented in a company.

As part of his presentation entitled ‘Digital-trends and forecasts’ in the forum’s first session, Kozlov will elaborate on all digitalisation aspects and give examples of successful digital transformation cases carried out by various large companies.

It’s only a week until the Digital Aviation Forum 2019!

The Digital Aviation Forum 2019 conference is organised by ATO Events, in cooperation with the Russian Air Transport Operators Association and the International Airport Association.

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