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Event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2022
Organiser UKi Media & Events Ltd.
Event Date 05.04.2022
Press Release Date 07.03.2017

Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE 2017
14, 15 & 16 March 2017
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Innovation – Unveilings and Brand New Technologies – The Biggest Ever Passenger Terminal Expo Awaits You With These Latest Technologies And Products

Fast passenger check-ins with ICTS Europe’s mobi-check and innovative security training app launched by ICTS Europe
ICTS Europe will be launching its Security Awareness Training Application specifically for non- security staff and will be showcasing its mobi-check solution.
With the constant growth in passenger traffic and infrastructure constraints, airports and airlines alike are finding the need to rethink the sustainability of their current approach to passenger processing. Increased manpower costs and higher rents coupled with multiple touchpoints across the airport, highlight the need for a complete transformation of airport ground operations.
ICTS Europe will be showcasing its new mobile check-in units, designed to optimise check-in operations where infrastructure is limited and passenger volumes are high. The mobi-check solution offers an integrated approach to check-in and security, based on the principle of a single computerised touchpoint, paving the way to a fully automated passenger processing terminal. Combining check-in capabilities with automated document verification checks, mobi-check has proven to reduce check-in processing time by 35% and provides additional free space in and around the airport terminal.

ICTS Europe will also be launching an innovative Security Awareness Training Application. Designed specifically for non-security staff, the app provides a unique and engaging learning experience using enhanced visuals and the very latest in computer-based training techniques. It comprises a comprehensive set of fully interactive courses and tests. The cloud-based app can be easily downloaded onto a mobile or tablet device and be used by staff at anytime. Visitors to the stand will be able to download a free demo copy.
Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 4115

Evaluation of wayfinding systems using virtual reality technology
The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) will be demonstrating how virtual reality can help passenger experience and wayfinding in airports.
Wayfinding needs to be an integral part of the airport design process to create more intuitive architectural spaces, where passengers navigate instinctively. Evaluating the design from a passenger’s wayfinding perspective during the planning phase can prevent wrong design choices, which might result in higher costs at later stages.

EXPERIENCE is a consulting service based on virtual reality technologies, which offers a novel method for an interactive exploration and analysis of architectural models and designs before they are built. It uses a test environment allowing a walk through of virtual 3D models of airports, while measuring their movement, visual attention and relevant behavioral characteristics. For a high level of realism, EXPERIENCE combines immersive visual computing technologies, characteristic soundscapes and cutting-edge crowd simulations – based on the framework SIMULATE, which is also used for evacuation and capacity analysis of infrastructures. As a result, the passenger wayfinding experience can be evaluated by quantifying several passenger-oriented aspects (detailed passenger-route- analysis, visibility of static and dynamic signage, etc.) in customized scenarios with a representative cross-section of user groups.

EXPERIENCE was developed by experts from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Center for Mobility Systems in close cooperation with Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH. This collaboration enabled the development of an ideal solution for architects, operators of large infrastructures and public spaces, transportation planners and consultants. It effectively supports the evaluation of architecture and identifies issues ahead of time, resulting in reduced need for re-work and project cost savings. As such it revolutionizes wayfinding planning processes and enables to test the acceptance of the terminal visibility as a whole or of its subsystems and components.

EXPERIENCE improves pedestrian flows – as well as the performance of designs – and increases customer satisfaction leading to greater usage and turnover. EXPERIENCE was successfully used in the planning phase of Vienna’s new Central Railway Station to improve the guidance of people through the facility.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 5100

Dust and water resistant swipe readers featuring OCR & MSR technology for rapid, seamless, check-in and boarding, from DESKO
DESKO will be launching its innovative chrom product family at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017, the IDenty chrom makes the passenger checking in process quicker and seamless.
DESKO´s innovative chrom product family includes the integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom and the brand-new swipe reader IDenty chrom. Both devices are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art OCR and MSR technology. Only one swipe is enough to read passports, ID cards, visas or magnetic stripe cards such as frequent traveler cards. What sets these apart from traditional swipe readers is their water and dust resistance.

Both NEPTUN chrom and IDenty chrom are certified according to IP54 regulations, and can withstand water spillage without any functional restrictions. For flexible data capture independent from any fixed workstation, the IDenty chrom is also available as a mobile version with Bluetooth® technology and integrated battery pack. All these features make DESKO´s chrom family the ideal for quick and convenient passenger handling.

DESKO has 25 years of experience in the airline and airport sector and has great understanding in passport and boarding pass scanning, access control, security checks and passenger handling. With a wide product range, it offers a perfect solution for every passenger touch-point, from check-in to boarding, DESKO devices guarantee a smooth and trouble-free passenger journey.

DESKO will be hosting live product presentations and water tests at its stand to give a practical insight into DESKO´s latest developments and technologies.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 6040

Award-Winning seating systems from Arconas – raising the value of high-traffic public spaces in airports
Arconas will be unveiling its award-winning seating system for airports, providing a comfortable waiting experience.
Arconas specializes in the development of seating, power, and waste solutions for high traffic waiting areas. The company has seen great success recently with the launch of its award-winning Morelli Bench in 2016, and new partnerships with top European USM Airportsystems (Switzerland) and Auweko (Germany) for exclusive distribution of their products to airports throughout America. These offerings, alongside Arconas’ well-established range of specially designed seating, power and waste solutions, allow the company to be a single source of furniture solutions for airport clients.

The Morelli bench was designed to provide a comfortable waiting experience for passengers and raise the value of outdoor public spaces. The timeless design visually enhances the space, while the flexible material and width options can be adapted to fit the unique needs of each airport.

The bench features solid aluminum cast floor-mounting legs that support either perforated steel planks, or ipe wood slats in 66” and 85” configurations. These perforations reduce the heat of the seat, making it a comfortable choice in multiple climates. These metal components are also recyclable.

The ipe wood option naturally resists rot, decay, insects, and mold without the use of toxic chemicals. Ipe wood is very hard and dense, enabling it to be scratch-resistant, heat resistant, and easily hold up under high-traffic use. These features allow the bench to stand the test of time, making it an environmentally sustainable choice. The Morelli Bench won Silver at the 2016 IIDEXCanada Innovation Awards in the Commercial Furniture Category.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 4040

Compact, space-effcient seating with intelligent charging capabilitiy from OMK Design – on show!
OMK Design, the leading terminal seating designers, are inviting visitors to their stand to experience their latest innovations, including its FLITE seating and the new power arm, delivering power intelligent USB charging.

As passenger numbers increase, the need to provide a higher quantity of seats into existing gate rooms is now a priority. Working closely with numerous operators, architects and specifiers to satisfy the requirements for high density lounge seating, OMK has recently launched a new compact system, FLITE, to the market.
FLITE has been designed to offer a 10% increase in seating capacity over alternative products, creating a low cost robust seat with a tighter footprint to answer the high-density seating requirements for the new breed of super jumbo aircraft such as the A380.

OMK will also be launching its new power arm, which has been designed to integrate with FLITE seating. The power arm allows passengers to charge their phones and smart devices through USB and power cables.

OMK will also be showcasing its new online seating configurator, which allows customers to choose a seating specification to meet their exact requirements.
OMK’s specialist team will be on hand throughout the three-day event to discuss all aspects of seating including free planning and specification advice.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 8110

Presented in an aquarium, PrehKeyTec showcases its water and dustproof keyboard and data entry systems with an innovative live demonstration!
PrehKeyTec will be presenting its full range of data input devices to ease the check-in and boarding processes. As a German specialist for innovative data entry systems, PrehKeyTec develops and produces premium quality products for the aviation industry.

The robust solutions are installed in demanding operating conditions, which require high quality products to ease check-in and boarding processes as well as reliable and secure data input in air traffic control. The range of products includes the spill and dust proof MCI 111 A keyboard with integrated OCR reader and MSR, as well as the ML 2 A stand-alone reader, which are both IATA FOID compliant and can have optional PCI DSS Encryption.

ID reading devices like the PKT 4000 document scanners with optional RFID and the RFID/NFC biometric reader module ML 4 will also be on display. The products have been designed to work under all commonly used operating systems.

At the show, PrehKeyTec will have an illuminated aquarium to demonstrate how the the IP 54 spill- water and dust protected OCR passport reader keyboard MCI 111 A can work under running water. On two workstations there will be all day presentations and demonstrations of the products and its features.
Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 8040

Innovative anti-reflective and energy efficient display technologies that can be read in bright terminal spaces, from DATA MODUL
DATA MODUL will be showcasing its latest display technologies for passenger information systems with a focus on technologies overcoming the challenges created by open, modern and light-flooded architecture as well as outdoor signage.

DATA MODUL will present its ultra-slim 32” Full HD display based on MIP technology (Memory in Pixel), which offers new fields of application thanks to the different functional principle of the new color MIP technology. Even in extremely bright surroundings, the MIP displays offer the best readability without the need for backlights. The reflective MIP displays are more energy efficient, using just 0.5 to 1% of the energy compared with a transmissive LCD, further reduced by 19% if static images are displayed.

Also suited to extremely bright conditions is the LED board, with full graphic, full color/16 Mio colors, high brightness, wide viewing angle and flexibility in terms of size and format. Additionally LED boards are very energy-efficient and durable.

Direct optical bonding of the antireflective front glass to the special FullHD D-LED panel eliminates the air gap between front glass and panel, and avoids any internal reflection losses. The optical bonding significantly increases the contrast and brightness as well as the ruggedness of the device. Further advantages are a reduced sensitivity to humidity, dust and temperature variations as well as high durability.

DATA MODUL’s innovative climate control system cCCS+, an integrated energy-efficient active cooling and heat management system protects against extreme temperature conditions from -33°C, up to 50°C.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 6020

Latest line of preconditioned air units with inverter technology for stationed aircraft and new Passenger Boarding Bridges from ADELTE
ADELTE will present its new line of Preconditioned Air Units (PCA) featuring a full INVERTER TECHNOLOGY at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017.
This cutting-edge new equipment has been specially designed for heating and cooling a wide variety of stationed aircrafts in all climatic conditions and is up to 35% more efficient than standard PCA units available.

This high efficiency means there is also a significant decrease of operational costs, refrigerant load and CO2 emissions, which converts ADELTE’s INVERTER PCA into an even more environmentally- friendly apron equipment and into a new source of income for airport operators.

ADELTE will also be showcasing its full range of Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) and place a special emphasis on its comprehensive line of technical services. ADELTE’s technical inspection, maintenance, upgrade and refurbishment services ensure continuous and maximum effectiveness on the apron and guarantees safety and comfort for both passengers and operators.
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 booth: 10040

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