Join the leaders of MRO organizations and airlines in Istanbul on November 9-10, 2022 at ASIA CONNECT: MRO

Organiser ATO COMM
Event Date 09.11.2022
Press Release Date 13.10.2022

Nothing is changing the MRO industry and driving the development of new solutions more than digitalization. Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, AR/VR, digital twins, 3D printing – many of these Industry 4.0 key elements are increasingly being used in MRO. These technologies improve the efficiency of operations and reduce turnaround time.

Predictive maintenance based on the processing of arrays of big data on the technical condition of systems and components is becoming more widespread. Digital platforms and software tools combine aircraft and engine technical data with artificial intelligence algorithms, making possible to create optimal maintenance planning schemes, including the required amount of work at each stage of the aircraft life cycle.

Are you ready to use innovative digital tools in your maintenance practice? Are you sure that you are not losing the race for efficiency to your competitors?

Learn more about recent developments in the MRO industry at the Asia Connect: MRO 2022 conference and exhibition. Join the leaders of the MRO organizations and airlines in Istanbul on November 9-10, 2022.


At the conference top managers and representatives of airlines, airports, OEMs, MRO providers, suppliers, and other participants in the value chain will discuss the prospects for aviation evolution in the Southern Eurasia region and the major trends of local airlines development that will affect local MRO industry.

Exhibitors will have an excellent chance to share their capabilities and innovations, as well as to discuss vital issues with market leaders, and build new business relations in the region.

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