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Event The British-Irish Airports EXPO 2020
Organiser PPS Publications
Event Date 05.10.2020
Press Release Date 21.04.2017

Two new conferences launched for 2017 – all THREE are FREE to attend!

In addition to The Airports Showcase Conference on the EXPO Main Stage featuring CAPEX briefings from top British-Irish airport CEOs, Operations Directors, and other senior departmental specialists, this year’s EXPO includes two entirely new conferences:

  • The British-Irish Airports Showcase Conference
  • “Airports and Counter Terrorism: The Insider Threat”
  • Remote towers and modernised ATM at small & regional airports

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Airports and Counter Terrorism: The Insider Threat

Working in partnership with all on-airport stakeholders to mitigate risk

Devised by the Metropolitan Police Aviation Policing Command
Bringing together highly empowered on-airport stakeholders concerned with counter terrorism, tackling the challenging “Insider Threat”, meeting a strong operational desire to deepen cooperation across UK airports.


“The Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport 28 June 2016: the anticipation, the actual experience, the re-think”
Dr Sani Şener, CEO, TAV/Istanbul Atatürk International Airport

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: “10 years on from the Glasgow Airport Attack – what have we learned?”
Gillies Crichton, Head of Risk and Assurance, Glasgow Airport

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