Event Information

FACES is the annual Future Air Cargo Executives Summit for young professionals under 36 with the ambition to become the next generation of Air Cargo leaders and industry decision makers, which is held in conjunction with IATA’s World Cargo Symposium (WCS).

IATA organized the first FACES in 2013 to highlight the important role young leadership plays in the future growth of the air cargo industry. Since then, other five editions of the summit allowed the newest generation of industry executives to express their viewpoints and make a sound contribution to the global air cargo agenda.

2017’s iteration of FACES, at our annual World Cargo Sumposium, will enable our future leaders to successfully initiate transformation and be the driver for change within their organizations.

FACES Participants automatically get access to Horizon – The Innovation Forum and the World Cargo Symposium, where you will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights through participating in the track sessions.

Lead Air Cargo into the Future

  • Through interactive learning sessions you will acquire the skills and tools to secure upper management’s buy-in and support to implement innovative & disruptive ideas or projects.
  • Put your new knowledge into practice during our brainstorming session “FACES 2030 Vision for Air Cargo – Jump Start Innovation Today!” where you will derive tangible projects from the Vision Whitepaper and start drafting your action plan to pitch them to your management.


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