IATA AVSEC World Day 2018

Event Information

AVSEC World Day in Athens, Greece, will showcase the dynamic security environment and provide a forum to address the challenges that the industry faces.

Examining today’s environment however is only half the discussion and what awaits the industry tomorrow also needs to be pondered. Don’t miss the Aviation Security 2030 Session that will tackle the innovation and next generation solutions that can shape the way aviation security is delivered.

This year, AVSEC World Day will precede the Inaugural Global Airport and Passenger Symposium which has been established as the platform to discuss the impact of existing processes in the passenger journey and explore how future needs, trends and solutions will shape the way we travel. During GAPS, the aviation security agenda will continue by shifting the discussions to the operational integration and deliberating on the challenges of existing and new screening processes and technologies.

Event Profile

  • Why Atttend

    • Overall satisfaction rate higher than 93% in the past years
    • Exclusive access to industry intelligence and latest developments in aviation security
    • Unique ​business, networking and branding opportunities
    • More than 92% of the AVSEC World attendees of last years would recommend others to attend the conference
  • Who will you meet?

    • Airline Airport Management
    • Security Personnel
    • Government Agencies
    • International, Regional & National Organizations
    • Police & Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Customs & Immigration Authorities
    • Aviation & Security Consultants
    • Manufacturers & Suppliers of Aviation Security-Related Products and Services


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