Digital Aviation and Travel 2021

Event Information

Digital technologies are penetrating our lives throughout, changing an ever wider array of its aspects. In air transport, along with digitalization of the industry’s internal operational processes, there is a growing number of technologies aimed at improving passenger experience. At the same time, the unstoppable digitalization of the travel industry is increasingly interfering with airlines’ and airports’ business processes.

A feature of this year’s Digital Aviation & Travel Forum will be a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the pandemic and the crisis in air travel on the technological future of travel.

Key topics:

  • Air transport market in new conditions. COVID-19 crisis as an era of new opportunities and transformations.
  • What technological solutions allow you to optimize operating costs?
  • How to minimize the cost of booking systems?
  • How will distribution technologies change after the crisis?
  • What is the future for OTA and traditional offline ticket offices?
  • Passenger Experience in a pandemic. How to maintain the quality of passenger service?
  • International trends in travel
  • New channels of monetization during and after the crisis


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