Civil Avionics International Forum 2018

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With more than 2000 delegates from 20 countries spanning 5 continents, the annual Civil Avionics International Forum (CAIF) has proven to be a truly global avionics forum since its inception in2012. The CAIF is the only conference of its kind that gathers together international civil avionics industry leaders to discuss the growing demand within the Chinese market. Participants have included aircraft OEMs such as Boeing, Airbus and COMAC, along with the four major avionics systems suppliers in China: Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Thales Avionics and AVIAGE Systems. The CAIF is also the only avionics conference to be both endorsed by the Chinese government and organized by the AVIC Avionics System Group with support from all the major Chinese civil aviation manufactures; and represents the largest platform for buyers of international avionics products and services in China.

CAIF delegates have represented their organizations each year through thought-provoking presentations, panel discussions and booth exhibits: as well as scores of one-on-one business meetings. Many leading to new ventures with Chinese partners. Each year there are more than80 groups of one to one business meeting, and at least 5 groups reached a cooperation intention. The 7th annual CAIF will be held in Shanghai, CHINA on April 17th-18th, 2018. This year, the CAIF is excited to introduce an additional sub-Forum to its regular agenda: The Airborne Software and Electronic Hardware· sub-forum will be hosted by COMAC, China’s largest aircraft OEM.

Event Profile

  • Requirements and Challenges of the C919 Aircraft Airborne Software and Electronic Hardware Development Process

    Xigao FANG
    Senior Engineer
    Vice Director, Avionics System Department
    Leading Designer, C919 Program.
    COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design


    Overview of the major systems, suppliers, numbers, scale and technical features of the C919 aircraft airborne software and electronic hardware:

    • Wide range: major airborne systems are involved, the airborne software and electronic hardware includes those simple and small scales of level D, and those highly complex of high DAL, as in the flight control, IMA and Display systems.
    • Wide application of new technologies: new technologies and new methods are used such as COTS operation systems, COTS IP, dual-core processor, software tool qualification, model-based development and database etc
    • Numerous stakeholders: oversea suppliers, domestic suppliers and COMAC software and electronic hardware development team

    C919 aircraft airborne software and electronic hardware development process control requirements:

    • Airborne software and electronic hardware development process control range;
    • Airborne software and electronic hardware development process control requirements;
    • Development process monitoring objectives and process;
    • Mainly concerned technological issues;

    Problems and challenges:

    • There is a vast difference of the experience and working system between suppliers, which causes challenges to the product development period and certification.
    • Involvement of EASA certification causes challenges to the C919 airborne software and electronic hardware development work;

    COMAC will work with the suppliers, tool developers, and consultant experts, to face problems and challenges, to support the certification process, and to develop the airborne software and electronic hardware product satisfying airworthiness regulations and market demands.

  • Roadmap of Avionics New Technology Follow-up Development


    Surveillance Expert



    Johan Mårtensson is a Surveillance Expert at EUROCONTROL. He holds a Master of Science in engineering and a private pilot license with IFR and Aerobatic ratings. He has 16 years of professional experience in Aeronautics and CNS/ATM development. Initially, he was involved in projects related to Avionics development and aircraft integration. Over the last 12 years he has worked at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels. Johan is involved in strategic planning, business analysis, performance and safety requirements development and standardization and system validation and implementation.

  • Bringing Gestures to the Modern Cockpit


    Head of Operations for the Embedded Graphics Business Unit



    The presentation will describe the development of graphical user interfaces that use gestures with tools that make this easy, efficient, certifiable, platform-agnostic, and which require no code to be written.

  • Streamlining Aircraft Certification - 2018 Update


    President and CEO

    Verocel, Inc.


    This update on the joint FAA/EASA process to streamline aircraft certification will provide the current status from Verocel’s perspective. It will cover the benefits of this initiative to all aviation suppliers and also address the challenges.


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