Airport of the Future

Event Information

International air traffic expands rapidly in all countries, airports are making efforts to make travelers feel comfortable and safe again. How will passenger service technology change? How will airports build an efficient business in the face of reduced passenger traffic and reduced revenues from both airline and non-airline operations? Will long-term airport development strategies change?

The agenda of the 11th international conference Airport of the Future includes topics consecrated on the development of ground handling processes at airports and topics of strategic, innovative solutions for all processes at the airport.

Conference program

  • Transformation directions of route networks and passenger flows
  • Development of air cargo: a long-term trend or a short-term reaction?
  • Airport revenue sources: adapting to the new reality. How to restore non-aviation revenues?
  • Development of the Airport City concept ─ a temporary pause or a complete rejection?
  • Ways to improve the efficiency of production processes in a changed environment.
  • Working with passengers at the airport: restoring trust and returning to safe travel.
  • Ground handling features in new environments.
  • New technologies, products and services for the new airport environment.