6th World Passenger Symposium

Event Information

Hosted by Emirates and under the theme “Innovating better, together”, WPS 2016 will continue to focus on how the aviation industry collaboratively will drive continue the transformation through innovation for the benefit of customers. It will cover the transformation currently taking place in the industry in the areas of distribution, customer ground & inflight experience, Airport Operations & Baggage and IT & Technology.

Stream 1

Transformation in Distribution and Payment
As NDC gains momentum, it also unlocks many other opportunities for further transformation which will make airlines more efficient and improve the customer experience. This will also provide opportunities to players across the value chain – incumbents and new entrants. You will hear from those who are already innovating, from experts who will articulate the bigger picture and opportunities that lie further ahead. There will also be a chance to listen and to engage in discussions with airlines, agents, buyers and technology providers as they share their views on the opportunities, the challenges and the blockers to innovation. Moreover, this stream will investigate for the first time the areas of Payment and Interoperability – is this the area for the Next Disruptive Change?

Stream 2 

Transformation in Passenger Process and Experience 
How we can leverage technology and innovation to make the passenger journey more efficient, friendly and secure.
  • Hear from industry experts on how end-to-end integrated and consistent processed can deliver considerable benefits and hear fisrt hand on the progress acheived on industry intiativies such as Biometrics and Travel Communication.
  • Airport of the Future: Learn more on the latest trends on airport infrastructure planning and design that support efficiently an integrated end to end process.
  • Baggage of the Future: Learn more on the latest trends and vision on baggage handling
  • Security: the future of security screening process and how this can be simplified through exchange of information between process steps, identity management and biometrics and the possible elimination of process steps
  • Future Customer Features

Stream 3 

Digital Transformation (CIO Forum) 
Just as the industrial revolution changed the world and brought about substantial increases in production, recent advances in technology have altered the way business is conducted and redefined how companies operate. Airlines that properly embrace digital technology by replacing and augmenting existing business processes drive competitive advantage across passenger experience. Learn how to drive an innovation program, whilst still protecting the core business? Learn the different innovation models to drive transformational change. Hear and debate with other airlines who have been able to make this change.

Why you should attend WPS 2016

  • Be part of the decision making process – share with us what you want and how you think we should get there
  • The event brings together airlines and airports who have implemented new technologies and processes, so the knowledge transfer is direct
  • Get the latest developments and direction on where the industry is going – firsthand
  • Listen to CEOs & CCOs from airlines debating on critical issues currently facing the industry and what steps must be taken

Who Will You Meet

 More than 750 exectuives from:

Airlines – Airports – Governments – Travel Agents

Ground Handlers – Corporate Buyers – Suppliers – IT companies

Online Payments suppliers – Data protection companies


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