6th Air Traffic Control Tower Planning & Construction Summit 2020

Event Information

Backed by demand from global Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Air Navigation Service Providers, Airport Operators and Ministry of Transport, Equip Global’ s renowned conference – 6th Air Traffic Control Tower Construction & Planning Summit 2020, is the place to this coming June 2020 in Singapore! Join us at THE Global Premier Networking and Learning around the world to discuss and share insightful experiences and knowledge on the best practices Air Traffic Control Tower Planning & Construction. 

Expect to hear the case studies from leading professionals all over the globe to Showcase Case Studies of the Planning & Construction of Leading ATC Tower Projects. Expect to hear best design, engineering, project management, planning and construction practices from leading ATC Tower construction projects!

Event Profile

  • Key Highlights: Why you should not miss the 6th Air Traffic Control Tower Construction & Planning Summit 2020

    • Hear from Esteemed Guest Speakers: Learn from the perspective of ATCT Construction and planning leaders from Airport Operators, Air Navigation Providers and Aviation Authorities around the world as plan and manage new Air Traffic Control Tower construction projects in the face of challenging circumstances.
    • Understand Various Structural, Architectural Requirements and Best Design practices to Mitigate risk of damage to Air Control Towers.
    • Designing And Fitting ATC from the End User Perspective and Understanding key Considerations in the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment to ensure Operation Effectiveness, Better Workflow and Safety
    • Ensuring a Complaint Air Traffic Control Tower and Hear about key considerations when conducting site inspection and analysis including conducting Height & Siting Analyses, Aeronautical Risk Assessment, and Assessing Geo-technical Conditions.
    • Learn Best Construction Project Management Practices to De-risk Potential Problems, Meet Program Requirements, as well as Identify And Eliminate Unwanted Costs as well as Enhance productivity and Workplace Safey
    • Learn best practices when working with Vendors and 3rd parties to ensure a Smooth Communication, Reducing Risk of conflict, increasing Accountability, as well as enhancing safety and security.
    • Dealing with unplanned roadblocks: Hear Best Programme Management Techniques And Optimization Strategies To Prevent as well as allow for the Recovery Of The Delayed Projects.
    • Key considerations when conducting construction work at Brownfield sites to ensure security, safety and continued operations
    • Employing Green design practices to reduce energy costs for your Air Control Tower and Carbon Footprints

    And Many More!

  • Who should attend the 6th Air Traffic Control Tower Planning & Construction Summit 2020

    Directors, Heads, Managers, Engineers, Inspectors, Surveyors and Specialists of:

    • Aerodrome Tower/ATC Tower Construction
    • Air Traffic Management/Services
    • Aerodrome Development & Management Service
    • Engineering and Planning
    • Technical Design, ATC Facilities
    • Airport Planning & Development
    • Project Development (Aviation)
    • Air Traffic Control Tower Design & Engineering
    • Airport Master Planning

    From (but not limited to) the following:

    • Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs)
    • Airport Operators
    • Ministry of Transport
    • Air Navigation Services Producers


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